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Chapter 26 The Cold War Begins

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1 Chapter 26 The Cold War Begins
Section 1 Origins of the Cold War

2 A Clash of Interests After WWII, the U.S. and Soviet Union became hostile, leading to an era of confrontation and competition that lasted from about 1946 to 1990 known as the Cold War.

3 A Clash of Interests Soviets were concerned with security and wanted to avoid future attacks from Germany. They wanted all countries b/w Germany and the Soviet Union under Soviet control. Soviets believed communism was superior to capitalism.

4 The Yalta Conference Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met at Yalta – a soviet resort on the Black Sea – to plan a postwar world. Although successful, some agreements were key to beginning the Cold War.


6 The Yalta Conference Agreements:
Recognition of a Polish Communist gov’t set up by the soviets. Free elections would take place in Poland Declaration of Liberated Europe – gave people the right to choose their form of gov’t.

7 Dividing Germany Germany and Berlin was divided into 4 zones.
G.B., U.S., Soviet Union, and France each controlled a zone. Germany was forced to pay reparations which was a key component of the Cold War.


9 Tensions Rise Soviets didn’t follow agreements at the Yalta Conference. FDR dies and Harry Truman becomes president. Truman stood firm against Stalin to keep promises made.

10 Potsdam Conference Truman, Stalin, and Clement Attlee met at Potsdam to work out a deal regarding Germany. Truman was against heavy reparations. Stalin was not pleased w/ Truman’s proposals. Truman told Stalin we had successfully tested an atomic bomb.


12 The Iron Curtain Descends
Dec. of Lib. Europe was not upheld. U.S.S.R. had army presence in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. These nations were known as satellite nations.

13 The Iron Curtain Descends
Iron curtain – used to describe the separation of the Communist nations of Eastern Europe from the West.


15 Next: Section 2 The Early Cold War Years
End of Section 1 Next: Section 2 The Early Cold War Years

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