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Reteaching Activity 11-2.

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1 Reteaching Activity 11-2

2 1. What did the Indian removal Act allow?
It allowed the federal government to pay Native Americans to move west

3 2. What area did Congress create in 1834?
Indian territory in present-day Oklahoma

4 3. How did Chief Justice John Marshall rule in Worcester v. Georgia?
He ruled that Georgia had no right to interfere with the Cherokee He said that Native Americans were protected by the Federal Government and the Constitution

5 4. Whom did President Andrew Jackson support in the same case?

6 5. Who was sent to remove the Cherokee from their land?
General Winfield Scott and an army of 7,000 federal troops

7 6. What was the Trail of Tears? How did it get its name?
It was a forced journey west by the Cherokee. It got its name because thousands of Cherokee died along the way, due to harsh weather and starvation.

8 7. Who was the Sauk chieftain who led a force of Sauk and Fox people back to their homeland in Illinois? Black Hawk

9 8. How were the Seminole people different from other Native American groups?
They were the only Native Americans who successfully resisted their removal by the federal government

10 9. What Seminole chief went to war rather than leave Florida?

11 10. Who aided the Seminole people in their war against white settlers?
A group of African Americans who had escaped slavery

12 11. What fighting tactics did the Seminole use?
They used guerrilla tactics Making surprise attacks and then retreating back into the forests and swamps

13 12. Who won the Seminole wars?
The Seminole people

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