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Clarifying Options, Defining Potentials, Connecting You to the Future! On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Workshop.

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1 Clarifying Options, Defining Potentials, Connecting You to the Future! On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Workshop

2 This workshop will give you instructions on: Eligibility for on-campus interviews How to view the OCR timetable The “No-show” Policy How to identify interview schedules that match your qualifications How to apply for on-campus interviews How to schedule and cancel on-campus interviews Welcome to the online On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Workshop

3 The FAU Career Development Center coordinates on-campus interviews for numerous organizations during the recruiting season. Local, state, national and international organizations visit FAU to recruit students and graduates for employment with their organization. On-campus recruiting is held during fall and spring semesters. During the fall 2007, we had 63 positions that employers recruited for on-campus.

4 Eligibility for the On-campus Recruiting (OCR) Program: 1.Be a currently enrolled, degree-seeking student, graduating in December 2008,May 2009, August 2009, or be an alumni registered with the CDC (up to 1 year post-graduation). 2.Undergraduate student: at least 90 completed credits Undergraduate transfer student: have completed 12 credits at FAU Graduate student: have completed at least 9 credits at FAU 3.Completion of the Student Profile on Interfase 4.Upload a resume onto Interfase

5 OCR Timetable Employers will schedule on-campus interview dates from Sept.12 th thru Nov.13 th, 2008. You will be able to view the timetable date for submitting resumes, when employers can pre-select resumes and when you can sign-up to schedule an interview.

6 Company Interview Date Student Submits Resume Student Resume Deadline Employer Pre-selects Resume and notifies student Student Signs up for Interview Date/Times Last Day to Schedule Interview Time Sep. 12 – 26July 11Sep. 9Sep. 10 * Employer create own schedules - Sep. 29 – Oct. 3July 11Sep. 17Sep. 18Sep. 19Sep. 25 Oct. 6 - 10July 11Sep. 24Sep. 25Sep. 26Oct. 2 Oct. 13 - 17July 11Oct. 1Oct. 2Oct. 6Oct. 9 Oct. 20 – 24July 11Oct. 8Oct. 9Oct. 10Oct. 16 Oct. 27 - 31July 11Oct 15Oct. 16Oct. 17Oct. 23 Nov. 3 - 7July 11Oct. 22Oct. 23Oct. 24Oct. 30 Nov. 10 - 14July 11Oct. 29Oct. 30Oct. 31Nov. 6 OCR Fall 2008 timetable Note: * Employers will contact you directly to schedule interview times and students MUST be registered in the Interfase database.

7 No Show Policy The CDC has a strict “no-show” policy for students who don’t show-up for scheduled interviews or who call to cancel the same day of the interview. Students who are unable to attend an on-campus interview appointment are expected to notify the CDC 48 hours prior to their scheduled appointment. It is expected that the student write a letter of apology explaining why they could not attend the interview. The letter should be e-mailed to the recruiter within a week with a copy e-mailed to A second no-show automatically revokes on-campus interviewing privileges for the remainder of the recruiting season.

8 Sign-up for Interfase Go to Click “Interfase Login” (Under the “Student” heading )

9 Using a web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer is recommended), go to the CDC website at Click on the Interfase Login to access the login page.

10 Registered Users: enter your FAU email and password New Users: register yourself by creating a new account

11 APPROVED PROFILE IN INTERFASE Job Search and Internships OCR Schedules Career Events

12 Once your profile is actived by an admin, you will be able to view jobs, OCR Schedules, and Career Events. Approved Profile

13 JOB SEARCH and INTERNSHIP (How to search for jobs and internships )

14 Search for jobs/internships: You can search for positions by these search categories. Ex: search by full-time, location South Florida, and Accounting.

15 Once this “Save Search” window appears, name it and check the option to generate an email to you when any new jobs matching this search are available. You can save this search by clicking on the “Save Search” option. There are 7 jobs that match the Categories.

16 The saved search will be available under “Quick Links”.

17 OCR Schedules

18 Schedule Requirements/Qualifications Employers establish the requirements/qualifications desired for the position(s) they will be interviewing for. These qualifications include: 1.Graduation Date - Fall Grad (example: December ’08) - Spring Grad (example: May ’09) - Summer Grad (example: August ’09) 2.Classification - Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Alumni, Masters Student, Doctoral Student 3.Degree - Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, Doctorate 4.Major - some positions are degree specific…others are open to any major NOTE: Employers may choose to screen candidates using all, some, or none of these requirements/qualifiers.

19 Click on the “Request Interview” and the successful request will appear Qualified Schedules: If you are match with the requirements that employer set up such as: 1.Graduation start & end and/or 2.Classification and/or 3.Degree and/or 4.Major The Qualified Schedules will appear. To Request Interview, click on the Schedule ID or Job Title.

20 This window will appear requesting which resume that you want to submit for this position. You can see your schedule on “My Account” and under “My Activity” This is your “Pre-selection Activity”

21 IMPORTANT: Check the date for the “Timeline Legend” for each schedule. Check your e-mail frequently for employer’s notification for pre-selection. These are the requirements that the employer specified.

22 When you receive an email from the employer to schedule an interview click on the “Session ID” or “Interview Date”. Once you are approved for a schedule, you will be able to sign-up for a time slot that is available.

23 All Schedules: You will be able to look at all current schedules in the system, BUT you can not apply or sign-up. Go to Qualified Schedules to apply or sign up on a schedules. To search future schedules: Fill in the search criteria to narrow down your interview schedule search Just click the “Search” button (without entering any search criteria) to view all current interview schedules.


25 You can view the list of companies that are participating in the “Career Events”

26 There is currently one active Career Event (There may be several Career Events, if that is so it will listed in “Career Events”) You be able to search for an employer and read the career event detail.

27 Here are the details of the career event. Make sure that you remember and write down the event date and time.

28 To see a complete list of attending employers for Career Day, click on the “Search” button. To customize your search for specific employers, select the fields in the boxes above.

29 This is the list of companies that are participating in Career Day.

30 If you click on the “Organization Name”, you will see recruiting information. Some companies may or may not show their contact information.

31 GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR OCR INTERVIEW! Please contact us if you need any assistance Career Development Center Division of Student Affairs 777 Glades Road SU Building, Room 220 Boca Raton, Fl 33431-0991 Tel: 561-297-3533 Fax: 561-297-2740 Email: Website:

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