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HED 362 Linda Good, Professor Amy Van Auken, Graduate Asstistant Custom Textbook – Bookstores (SBS, Ned’s, MSU) – Merchandising Management: Human Resources.

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1 HED 362 Linda Good, Professor Amy Van Auken, Graduate Asstistant Custom Textbook – Bookstores (SBS, Ned’s, MSU) – Merchandising Management: Human Resources and Professional Practice

2 Daily Readings Book chapters in custom text – Reading assignments listed on syllabus Readings - Those with (ICE) – Go to – Use ID provided with book – Type in article title (unclick “search only refereed journals)

3 Group Work Find three people you do not know….. – What town are they from? – What is the highlight of their holiday break? – What do they want to do upon graduation? – Internship – completed? Summer 2004?

4 Group Work - Syllabus Review syllabus with 2-3 other students….. – What are some important dates? – What types of Evaluation is used? – What are some important course policies? – What types of topics are covered?

5 Class Evaluation Company Research (50 pts.) – Due 1/28/02 (pg. 7-8 syllabus) Case Study (75 pts.) - GROUP – Due various dates – Details on pg. 9-11 syllabus

6 Class Evaluation, cont. In-class projects – 5 or more random assignments during class – In-class assignments cannot be made up Exams – 3 @ 50 pts. each How to cite references in papers and List them in the Reference list (pg. 12)

7 Important Activities Minority Career Fair (anyone can attend) – Thursday, 1/22/02 – Kellogg (6-9 p.m.) Human Ecology Career Fair – Thursday, 1/29/02 – Kellogg (6-8 p.m.) Purdue Career Fair (info on Angel) – Tues./Wed., 2/10-11/04 – Purdue Univ. Summer Employment Career Fair – Monday, 2/19/02 – Kellogg (6-9 p.m.)

8 Group Work Identify a group by next week – Must include 4-5 members, no more Select a topic/case study/date ( listed by date on syllabus) – Sign up for group – Sign up for case date


10 MonsterTrak A nationally known Internet site Used by companies to post jobs and recruit new employees Used by colleges and universities Used by individuals to submit resumes & search jobs MSU Career Services Centers has customized MonsterTrak specifically for students

11 Getting to MonsterTrak Log on to MonsterTrak - two ways: – Lear Center Website – Career Services & Placement

12 Click Here


14 Getting Started with MonsterTrak Create a profile before using MonsterTrak to search for jobs or posting your resume Click on the Signup up for MonsterTrak and InterviewTrak link

15 Click Here To start your profile

16 Entering your Profile You will be asked for your pilot ID and password – This is to make sure you are a MSU student The next screen will ask you for contact information – This information will only be used by the Career Services Office, not employers



19 One more step before job searching After registering your personal contact information you’re now ready to use MonsterTrak Before submitting your resume, upload your current resume onto MonsterTrak To upload your resume, click on the Resume Link

20 Merchandising Management Student Good Luck using MonsterTrak Click Here to upload Resume

21 Merchandising Management Student My Resume

22 Uploading your Resume Click on the Upload your resume link located on the upper left hand corner Follow on-screen directions Locate your resume on your computer and select it to be uploaded You may upload 10 resumes on MonsterTrak – (targeted ones)

23 Tips before uploading your resume Make sure there are no spelling errors Make sure it is the most current version – This includes : Current phone number Current e-mail address Local and Permanent addresses are up to date You may schedule an appointment with Career Services to have your resume critiqued

24 Now you can search for Jobs Click on the Jobs link on top of the screen You will need select: – The type of job Internship, full time, or part time – Locations desired – Industry – Job Function – Keywords


26 Search Results

27 Submitting your Resume Click the Preview and Submit your Resume button on the bottom of job description screen You will be given the option to submit your resume with or without a cover letter


29 Merchandising Management Student

30 Problems you might encounter Occasionally certain jobs related to Merchandising Management will not allow you to submit your resume E-mail the contact person listed in the job description to express interest and request an interview

31 InterviewTrak InterviewTrak helps you to manage on- campus recruiting activities – Allows you to see which employers are recruiting on campus and when – Find out about employer presentations on campus – Sign-up for interviews with employers

32 InterviewTrak Once you begin submitting resumes, you may be selected to schedule an on campus interview with an employer There are two kinds of sign-ups for interviews – Pre-selected Scheduling – Open Scheduling

33 Scheduling Pre-selected Scheduling - the employer has reviewed your resume and has chosen you specifically to interview – Learn if you’ve been pre-selected by continuing to check your pre-selects by logging into MonsterTrak Open Scheduling is for anyone to schedule an interview after the pre- selects have scheduled

34 InterviewTrak’s Uses After you sign into MonsterTrak via the Career Placement & Services’ Website, you can view InterviewTrak InterviewTrak allows you to view the interviews for which you’re scheduled Allows you to view the interviews for which you have been pre-selected

35 InterviewTrak’s Uses Allows you to cancel interviews – Cancels must be made up to 4 days prior to the interview – Cancels not made by then will be considered a “no show” and your InterviewTrak privileges will be revoked

36 Going to the Interview On-campus interviews are held in 2 places usually: – Career Services & Placement inside Student Services 113 Student Services Building – Lear Corp. Career Services Center 21 Eppley Center

37 Lear Center Entrance Student Services Building

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