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Career Opportunities and Employer Relations * * (573) 341 - Missouri S&T – Career Opportunities Center.

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1 Career Opportunities and Employer Relations * * (573) 341 - Missouri S&T – Career Opportunities Center

2 Student Services 1) Career Fair 2) On-Campus Interviews 3) Cooperative Education 4) Advisor Appointments 5) Practice Interviews 6) Etiquette Dinner 7) Alumni Services 8) Workshops & Seminar Series

3 MinerJobs 1) TO START: Go to 2) Select “Students” 3) Scroll over to “MinerJobs” 4) Log in using your MST email address as your Username 5) Contact COER for the password Phone: 573-341-4343 Email:

4 Profile Information Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*) Complete all sections, enter a new password and click on the Register button. Click on the Submit Profile Button

5 Upload your Documents (Resume, Cover Letter, & Transcript) Put your cursor over My Account and select My Documents Click on the [Upload File] link Click on the Browse button to find your document Select the correct document and name it Click on the Upload button When uploading more than one resume, make sure your most generic resume is your default. Your default resume is the document employers will review when completing a resume referral.

6 Job Search This menu is NOT related to On-Campus Interviews Click on the Job ID to view the job description and how to apply; the posting will have specific application instructions.

7 My On-Campus Interview Schedule Submit Resume Submit resume for on-campus interview consideration Click on the Schedule ID to see the specifics of the position. If it is a Preselect schedule, and you meet all the qualifications then to be considered for an interview you will click on the [Apply Now] link under Page Functions to submit your resume.

8 My On-Campus Interview Schedule Pre-Selected to Interview A black arrow next to a schedule notes there has been activity performed on this schedule, such as resume submitted or pre-selected to interview. If you are pre-selected to interview, when you go into the schedule you will see the [Sign Up] link under Page Functions.

9 My On-Campus Interview Schedule Sign Up For an Interview To sign up for an interview you will scroll down and click on the interview date Select a time to interview.

10 Career Fair and Events You can view all current career events (Career Fair, Information Sessions, and Employer Seminar Series). To view a list of employers attending the Career Fair scroll down to the event and click on the [Search Employers] link.

11 MinerJobs Tips CHECK THE SYSTEM EACH DAY FOR NEW POSTINGS AND PRESELECTION STATUS! Should you need any assistance with MinerJobs contact COER Email: Phone: 573-341-4343 Be sure to stop by COER to activate your account!

12 COER Team Julie Pittser Associate Director Colleen Kapeller Recruiting Assistant H-Z Sara Earl Recruiting Assistant A-G Andrea Ridenhour Fiscal Assistant Adrienne Neckermann Assistant Director Hilary Jenkins Administrative Assistant Vacant Career Advisor Cindy Welch Career Advisor Gail Best Secretary Edna Grover-Bisker, Ed.D Director

13 Q&A ~ ~ (573) 341 - 4343 Missouri S&T – Career Opportunities Center

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