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The Industrial Revolution The Impact of Industrialization on Society.

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1 The Industrial Revolution The Impact of Industrialization on Society

2 Changing Ways of Life Growth of Industrial Cities Industrialization led to economic growth and urbanization ► 1800-1850: Number of European cities with population over 100,000 went from 22-47 ► Industrial cities such as London, grew rapidly and without any planning

3 Living Conditions Urban Problems ► Lack of sanitation, police, or fire depts ► Lack of housing, education, and social services ► Epidemic diseases, such as cholera and diphtheria, periodically swept through urban slums  (avg. lifespan of urban worker – 17yrs)

4 Working Conditions Harsh, Dangerous, and Long ► 14 hr workday; 6 days a week ► Dimly lit, unventilated, no cooling/heating systems ► Low wages ► Machines not inspected for safety so many were injured due to dangerous conditions ► No government aid for disabled workers ► Children from age 10 on expected to work

5 Class Tensions As divisions between rich and poor grew, class tensions increased ► At top: landed aristocrats (“Old Money”), new industrial owners and shippers ► Next: growing middle class of skilled workers, professionals, and businessmen ► Lower middle class of factory foremen, draftsmen, printers, other skilled workers ► At bottom: unskilled, unlanded, uneducated worker who was losing his /her jobs to machines  The Luddite Movement of early 1800s

6 Positive Effects of the Industrial Revolution ► Creation of jobs for workers ► Contributed to the wealth of the nation ► Encouraged technological advancements and inventions ► Increased the production of affordable goods (thus raising standard of living) ► Other side effects: 1.Healthier diets 2.Mass-produced clothing 3.Wider educational opportunities

7 Negative Effects ► Concentration of wealth/power in few hands ► Urban sprawl (slums, crime, disease, etc) ► Pollution ► Waste of natural resources ► Class conflict & violence ► Break up of the family unit ► Worker dissatisfaction & alienation ► Exploitation of minorities (women, children, immigrants)

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