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Industrialized Society Urbanization: a NEW way to live.

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1 Industrialized Society Urbanization: a NEW way to live

2 Life before steam Steam power changed the way we lived & worked forever

3 Industrialization Changes Society Living in cities vs. countryside Created a new family structure Introduced new class tensions –Workers, middle class & upper class conflict Initially, led to large scale human suffering –Working conditions are very poor

4 Urbanization Population grew quickly in cities Most European cities at least doubled in population Factories were built in clusters –Led to concentrated areas: CITIES

5 Living Conditions Economic growth was not regulated No sanitary codes, no building codes, etc.. Cities lacked enough police, schools, and housing

6 Crowded, dark & dirty city living Sanitary conditions were poor Disease spread easily

7 Sickness Spread Cholera spread quickly in cities Average life span: Rural areas: 38-years Cities/Working class: 17-Years

8 Great Britain had MORE people living in cities than in the countryside!

9 Poor Working Conditions Owners wanted machines to run as long as possible –Average worker 14 hour days 6-days week Factories were dark, dirty & dangerous –Children often worked

10 Sir Edwin Chadwick Reading: Inquiry into the Condition of the Poor (1842)

11 Women mostly found jobs in domestic service, textile factories, and piece work shops. They also worked in the coal mines. For some, the Industrial Revolution provided independent wages, mobility and a better standard of living. For the majority, however, factory work in the early years of the 19th century resulted in a life of hardship.

12 Family Structure Children used to work on farm Now families often split up during the work day Over time, public schools did develop & children worked less

13 Class Tensions Rise Factory owners & merchants built large houses in suburbs A middle class developed Working class suffered through terrible conditions –1812 workers rebel. Luddites attack factories in Northern England –Reforms are slowly won

14 Industrial Revolution Analysis In separate columns, list the benefits and costs of the Industrial Revolution Benefits Costs

15 Positive Effects of Industrialization Created jobs for workers Built wealth for a nation increased production slowly raised standard of living

16 Pakistan


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