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Subjects/Predicates & the types of grammatical sentences.

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1 Subjects/Predicates & the types of grammatical sentences

2 1. Declarative Sentences : make a statement. They end with a period. Let’s come up with some declarative sentences: A. Ancient villages lay hidden for centuries. B. C. The Four Types of Sentences

3 2. Imperative Sentences : make a command or request. They end with either a period or an exclamation point. Let’s come up with some imperative sentences: A. Don’t procrastinate! B. C.

4 3. Interrogative Sentences : ask a question. They end with a question mark. Let’s come up with some interrogative sentences. A. When is it going to snow again? B. C.

5 4. Exclamatory Sentences : express a strong feeling. They end with an exclamation point. Let’s come up with some exclamatory sentences: A. Isn’t this cool! B. C.

6 Subjects and Predicates - The simple subject is the person, place thing or idea that the sentence is about. - The simple predicate is always the verb or verb phrase that tells something about the subject. The cat ate her food. Subject|Predicate Cat | Ate

7 Some Rules Here and There are NEVER the subject of a sentence. (Here is a great hat.) The subject is NEVER part of a prepositional phrase. (The name of the book is Moby-Dick.) In a command or request, the subject is always YOU. (Call the doctor.) In an inverted sentence, the verb comes before the subject. (Across the hall is the office.)

8 Diagramming Sentences Diagramming is a great visual way to make sense of the parts of a sentence. From now on, whenever we learn something in grammar, you will learn how to diagram it. There will be diagramming on your midterm, your final and every grammar quiz from this point on.

9 The Basics…. Most diagrams begin with a straight horizontal line on which you write the subject and the verb or verb phrase. Try this: The tall girl suddenly spoke. Adverbs are place on slanted line under the verb. Adjectives are placed on slanted lines under the noun or pronoun they describe.

10 Prepositional Phrases Prepositional phrases go on L-shaped constructions under whatever they modify. The tall girl with red hair sat in the back quietly.

11 Try this: My friend with the new car took me to the show yesterday.

12 Practice Let’s practice identifying subjects and verbs and parts of sentences. Complete the Exercise quietly for 7 minutes, then we’ll share responses with a neighbor and go over the correct answers. The worksheet is also posted on Edline so you can practice at home.

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