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English Baseball Group 2A

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1 English Baseball Group 2A
Mrs. Stortzum’s 4th Grade English class

2 Exclamatory sentence. Shows strong feeling.

3 What are all the parts in the predicate of a sentence called?
Complete predicate

4 All the subject parts. Complete subject.

5 Punctuation for declarative.

6 Adjective modifies Noun or pronoun

7 Subject question for a person.

8 Verb question. What is being said about?

9 Noun Person, place, or thing.

10 Word that usually starts the complete predicate.

11 What are the three article adjectives?
A, an, the

12 . D Period, statement, declarative sentence

13 Name two noun jobs. SN, OP

14 ! E Exclamation point, strong feeling, exclamatory sentence

15 Subject question for an animal, place, or thing.

16 . Imp Period, command, imperative sentence

17 What word tells what the subject does?

18 An article adjective can be called
Noun marker

19 ? Int Question mark, question, interrogative sentence

20 During the day is a _______ ________.
Prepositional phrase

21 Mrs. Stortzum is a _____ noun.

22 Adverb modifies Verb, adjective, or adverb

23 Good Luck on the Test!!!

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