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Mr. York’s 8 th grade math class Welcome, students!

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1 Mr. York’s 8 th grade math class Welcome, students!

2 Welcome to 8th Grade!  I will introduce you to eighth grade and to our classroom.  If you have any questions during my presentation, please raise your hand and wait to be called on.

3 Topics to Be Covered  Expectations  Grading  Classroom Rules  Math Supplies  Being Prepared for Class  Homework/Classwork policy  Web Site  Organization is key  Teacher Policy  PBS Matrix

4 Expectations  My job is to teach.  Your job is to learn.  Time is limited so efficiency is important. Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.  Read the text and take notes.  Be prepared with necessary materials for class.

5 Grading  All assignments, both formal and informal will be graded on the following scale. 1.Tests25% 2.Quizzes/Pop Test25% 3.Classwork25% 4.Homework15% 5.Class participation/effort10% All assignments will be worth a possible 100 points. Assignments must be turned in on time. If not a lower grade can be expected.

6 Classroom Rules  Be on time and bring all needed materials to class.  Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.  Respect and be polite to all people.  Listen and stay seated when someone is talking.  Respect other people’s property.  Obey all school rules.

7 Math Supplies  (2) 1.5 inch ring binder or 3 hole notebook.  (15-20) sheet protectors, top loading.  Generous supply of notebook paper.  Generous supply of graph paper.  Composition book.  Tab dividers.  #2 pencils.  Zippered pencil pouch.

8 Suggested supplies for homework  Calculator – at least four function with √ key.  Compass  Protractor  Ruler  Markers – pencil or crayon  Dictionary

9 Be prepared for class  Students are to be prepared with necessary materials needed for class.  Students without pencils, books, and other supplies disrupt the instruction process.  Disruptions of class when students are not prepared could receive disciplinary action.  Students that are disruptive will be subject to PBS rules.  Please refer to classroom rules or the PBS matrix.

10 Homework/Classwork  Homework/classwork will most often be assigned daily.  Homework/classwork is to be completed on loose-leaf notebook/graph paper using a pencil.  It must be labeled in the upper- right hand corner with name, page numbers and dates performed.  ALL MATH PROBLEMS ARE TO BE COPIED AND ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN.

11 Homework/Classwork cont.  Missed homework/classwork must be made up by the next school day to receive a passing grade.  If the assignment is not turned in on time, a zero can be expected.  Missing assignments can result in parent letters, lunch detention, or ISS.  The most often cause of student failure in school is not completing or turning in assignments.  It is your responsibility to get your assignments.

12 Math Web site  There are a number of important links on my web site for math.  Algebra help  Pre-Algebra Help  Study Island  Math Dictionary  Interactive Math  Graph paper  Study Guide for students/parents

13 Organization is the key to a successful year.  Students are expected to bring all materials necessary for class.  Student’s planners are required at all times in math class. Your planner will be used for assignment notation, hall passes and communication with parents.  All test/quizzes, classwork, and homework will be required to be kept in your class notebook (provided by teacher). Random checks of the notebook will be done for a grade.

14 Organization cont.  A math dictionary will be required of each student. (composition book)  In each chapter we will discuss math vocabulary that is important and students will record these along with definitions and examples of each.  This will also be checked periodically for a grade.  We will spend class time organizing your binders and dictionary so you will know where to find certain items. If you are asked to produce items for verification and cannot, they are not much good to you.

15 Tardiness  There will be no tardy bell for 8 th grade.  Class starts when the teacher begins.  If you aren’t in the classroom by the time the teacher begins class, please check in at the school office before coming to class.  If you are tardy three times, it may be counted as an absence.

16 Teacher Policy My door is always open to you as my student or as an individual. I will discuss in confidence anything you feel is important to your success at school. Also, I will discuss in confidence any issues you wish to talk about that may be personal or non-school related issues. Anything we discuss is confidential and will remain so. Your confidence in me as a teacher and person are important and necessary for us to succeed.

17 Positive Behavior System Matrix

18 Let’s Have a Great Year!

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