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Mrs. Cooke’s Math Class Welcome Mrs. Cooke’s Math Class.

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2 Mrs. Cooke’s Math Class Welcome Mrs. Cooke’s Math Class

3 BASIC RULES RESPECT others (classmates and teacher): treat others as you would like to be treated. ASK QUESTIONS if you do not understand something. This will be a quiet classroom while I am teaching the lesson. Math is a difficult subject for many people and requires concentration. Talking or other distractions will not be tolerated. If pencils need sharpening or you need paper, or you need to go to the bathroom, use the first 5 minutes of the class. If you need to ask me about something individually, ask me immediately when you walk in the room, or at the end of class. Come to class PREPARED. This includes notebook, pencil (with lead), eraser, textbook, homework assignment.

4 LATE TO CLASS If you are late to class, you must have a pass. Lates to class will be handled according to school policy.

5 ABSENCES: If you are absent, YOU are responsible for making up missed work and showing me the made up assignments in a timely manner. Check the board to see what we did when you were gone, then see me if you have any questions. If you are absent the day of a test, be prepared to take the test the day you return. (Extended absences will be dealt with on an individual basis).

6 GRADING: Grade will be determined on a total points basis. Possible assignments include tests, quizzes, graded classwork/homework assignments, projects, notebook checks and regular homework completion.

7 HOMEWORK Homework will be assigned almost daily and will be checked on a regular basis for completion. Each homework assignment is worth 3 points and every problem must be attempted in order to receive the 3 points. Occasionally, a homework assignment may be graded for accuracy, but you will be notified of this at the time the homework is assigned.

8 LATE ASSIGNMENTS: Homework is due at the beginning of the period. Late assignments will not be accepted. Major projects will be accepted late, with a strong penalty.

9 NOTEBOOKS: Each student is expected to keep an organized notebook to include all homework assignments, worksheets, notes, quizzes, tests and other handouts. There will be periodic notebook checks or notebook quizzes throughout the year.

10 EXTRA HELP: I encourage students to come in for extra help before school. Please notify me in the day before you intend to come in for extra help.

11 REMEDIATION: If the student earns a grade below 80% of a test or quiz, AND that student has shown effort during the entire time the concept was taught (completed ALL homework assignments, l), the student may “remediate” their test/quiz for a possible higher grade. Remediation requires coming in for one-on-one guidance on the topic. The student must initiate the remediation process by asking me if they are eligible to remediate. The remediation process must begin within 5 school days of the graded test/quiz being received by the student. (No end-of-quarter panic to raise grade!) Remediation ends when the student has demonstrated mastery of the concept, either by re-taking the same test, re-taking a different test with similar concepts, or completing another assignment with the same concepts. (The teacher will determine the method of remediation). The student receives the higher grade of the original test and the remediated test, but THE REMEDIATED GRADE IS CAPPED AT 80%. Remediation is intended for students who have been making an effort to understand, but when they get to the test, they find they just didn’t get it. It is not intended to be used on a regular basis instead of studying. If I feel a student is “using” the policy inappropriately, I will consult with the student, and possibly the parent, and may say that the student is no longer eligible for remediation.

12 EXTRA CREDIT: In general, there is no extra credit in this class. The concepts taught in this class are the foundation for more advanced math courses that the student will be taking in the future. Therefore, the student must demonstrate understanding of these concepts in order to pass this course.

13 FRAMEWORK OF THE CLASS: First 10 minutes of class: work on review problems on previously taught concepts. Next 10-15 minutes: go over review problems and homework. Next 10-15 minutes: New lesson. Last 5-10 minutes: Start on homework (guided practice

14 Bathroom Go to the bathroom in the beginning of class. (first 5 min)

15 Questions

16 Lets have a great year!!!

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