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Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle Chapter 1 Lesson #2 pg 10-16.

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1 Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle Chapter 1 Lesson #2 pg 10-16

2 Objectives: Promoting a healthy Lifestyle Objective 1: Demonstrate how to take responsibility for your health. Objective 2: Analyze how influences such as heredity, environment, culture, media, and technology impact health. Objective 3: compare how health messages are delivered through media and technology.

3 Text book Activity Partner up with the person next to you (or behind you) to complete the activity. List the top six influences on your health.

4 Answers: 1 – Attitude 2 – Behavior 3 – Heredity 4 – Environment 5 – Media 6 – Technology

5 Influences on your health Heredity – Biological traits Environment – Physical environment – Social environment (peers) Culture

6 What aspects do you have the most control over? Attitude The way you view situations Behavior You can lower your risks by practicing healthy habits

7 Other influences… Media Radio, television, newspapers, internet, books, and magazines Technology Advancements in medical screening and treatment or various diseases, advancements in creating a cleaner environment (air, water, land)

8 Health Triangle Physical Mental/Emotional Social

9 Physical Health How well our body functions – Cope with stress – Resist disease – Avoid injury

10 Good Habits for maintaining physical health – Getting enough sleep each night – Meeting nutritional needs – Maintaining optimal levels of physical fitness – Not abusing drugs (including legal/illegal, alcohol, & tobacco) – Identifying and avoiding risks and risky behaviors – Using health care systems appropriately

11 Mental/Emotional Health How well you feel about yourself, and how you view yourself and your abilities – How often do you accept responsibility for your actions? – Are you in touch with your feelings, and able to express them appropriately? – How well do you avoid dwelling on negatives, and focus on positives instead?

12 Social Health The ways in which you interact with and get along with others – Your ability to make and keep friends – How well you seek and lend support – How you show respect toward others

13 Interactive study guide http://glencoe.mcgraw- erActCh1Ls2.html http://glencoe.mcgraw- erActCh1Ls2.html

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