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Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

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1 Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle
Mrs. Vasasr Wellness 9

2 Instant Activity List three of your favorite activities or hobbies.
Briefly describe the positive effect each has on your life.

3 Lesson Objectives Introduction to the Health Triangle
Analyze your individual Health Triangle What influences your health?

4 Your Health Triangle There are 3 elements of health: Physical
Mental/Emotional Social

5 Keeping a Balance Each side of your health triangle is equally important to your health!!! The three legs of a tri-pod An unbalanced health triangle is likely to cause you problems at some point Balance = You at your best!

6 Physical Health How well your body functions.
Do you have enough energy to perform the activities of daily life? Cope with everyday challenges and stresses Resist disease Avoid injury

7 Physical Health Involves: Getting Adequate Sleep
Eating nutritious meals Drinking enough H2O Regular Physical Activity

8 Mental/Emotional Health
Your feelings about yourself. How well you meet the demands of daily life. Your ability to process information.

9 You have good mental/emotional health…
Enjoy Challenges Embrace learning new things See mistakes as opportunities to grow and change Accept responsibility for their actions Stand up for their beliefs and values

10 You have good mental/emotional health…
Are in touch with their feelings Express Feelings in appropriate ways Can deal with the frustrations of life without being overwhelmed by them Avoid dwelling on negative thoughts Use positive thought and actions to move forward

11 Social Health Social Health involves the way you get along with others
Your ability to make and keep friends Your ability to work and play in cooperative ways Your ability to seek support when necessary Involves communicating well and showing respect and core for yourself and others

12 Physical Health Also includes: Practicing good hygiene
Regular medical and dental checkups Necessary medical treatments Paying attention to what you put into your body Avoiding harmful substance: Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs

13 Influences on your health
What situations and people have affected your health at each stage of your life? How have influences on your health changed through the years? How do early influences affect you today?

14 Influences on your Health
Heredity Environment- Physical and Social Culture Attitude Behavior Media Technology

15 Influences on your health
Heredity: All the traits that were biologically pass on to you from your parents. Physical traits: eye color, hair color, height Physical health: specific genes may put you at risk for certain illness or strengthen your resistance to disease. Heredity can also influence your personality and basic intellectual abilities and talents.

16 Influences on your Health
Environment: The sum of your surroundings, including your family, your neighborhood, your school, your job, and your life experiences. All places that you go to in a given day Physical conditions in which you live All people in your life Your culture

17 Physical Environment Crime rate - STRESS Pollution Pollen Dust Smog

18 Social Environment Family and people you come into contact with each day Positive social environment can help a person develop POSITIVE values, a commitment to learning, and confidence in future success.

19 Social Environment Peers:
People of the same age who share similar interests. Loyal and supportive friends have a positive effect on your health Peers who take part in dangerous activities can have a negative effect on your health

20 Influences on your Health
Culture: The collective beliefs and behaviors of a group. Ethnic Community Nation Language Food Traditions Religion Understanding culture can help you know yourself better and be tolerant of others

21 Influences on your Health
Attitude: The way you view situations – your attitude – greatly affects the choices you make. Attitude can play a major role in health and wellness You can Always control you attitude!!! A positive attitude = Positive health!

22 Influence on your Health
Behavior: You have no control over your heredity and limited control over your environment, you have a great deal of control over you behavior.

23 Influence on your Health
Media: The various methods of communication information: Radio Television Film Newspapers Magazines Books Internet Media plays a major role in shaping public opinion

24 Influences on your Health
Technology: Technology advances also influence health. Technology has impacted the health status of individuals, families, communities, and the world. Medical screenings Treatment for diseases Help keep our air, land, and water clean Technology has hurt our health by replacing many of our physical activities that were once part of daily life.

25 Apply the Information Select the side of your health triangle that you think is most affected by personal behavior. Explain your choice.

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