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Chapter 1 Living A Healthy Life.

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1 Chapter 1 Living A Healthy Life

2 Your Health and Wellness
Lesson 1 Your Health and Wellness

3 Importance of Good Health
Is the combination of physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. Being healthy means striving to be the best you can be at any given time Subject to constant change The Continuum – figure 1.1 pg. 5 text From premature death to high level of health Everything in between can vary from chronic disorders to headaches and improved health

4 Importance of Good Health
Wellness An overall state of well-being, or total health High degree of wellness = balanced life A way of living each day that includes making decisions and practicing behaviors that are based on sounds health knowledge and healthful attitudes Lifelong commitment to physical, mental, emotional and social health.

5 Promoting Your Health Lifestyle factors
Personal behaviors related to the way a person lives Helps determine his or her level of health Lifestyle Factors that Promote Good Health Getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night Starting each day with a healthy breakfast Eating a variety of nutritious foods each day Being physically active for at least 20 minutes a day, three or more days a week Maintaining a healthy weight Avoiding tobacco, alcohol and other drugs Abstaining from sexual activity before marriage Managing stress Maintaining positive relationships Practicing safe behaviors to prevent injuries

6 Promoting Your Health Prevention Health Education Key to your wellness
Practicing safe habits to remain free of disease and injury Some examples???? Health Education Providing of accurate health information to help people make healthy choices Goal: to give people the tools they needs to help them live long, energetic and productive lives

7 Promoting Your Health Healthy People 2010
Nationwide health promotion and disease prevention plan designed to serve as a guide for improving the health of all people in the United States. Revised every 10 years Promote health and prevent illness, disability and early death

8 Promoting Your Health Goals of Healthy People 2010
Established 2 main goals for the future: Increase quality and years of healthy life for all Americans and remove health differences that result from factors such as gender, race, education, disability and location. To reach these goals, individuals, families and communities must work together. A nation’s health depends on the health of the individuals in that nation. Studies have shown, for example, that as people become more educated, the general health of the population improves.

9 Promoting Your Health Individuals Families Communities
Can take an active role in their own health. Make informed decisions, master skills that enable you to apply your decisions, access reliable health care information and services and promote the health of others. Families Can shape the attitudes and beliefs of other family members (parents to children) Communities Provide health services, ensure a safe environment

10 Promoting Your Health Health Literacy: person’s capacity to learn about and understand basic health information and services and use these resources to promote his or her health and wellness. Health-literate individual needs to be: A critical thinker and problem solver A responsible, productive citizen A self-directed learner An effective communicator

11 Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle
Lesson 2 Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

12 Your Health Triangle Health Triangle Social Physical Mental/Emotional
Each part of the triangle should be in a healthy balance

13 Your Health Triangle Physical Health How well your body functions
Enough energy to perform daily activities and to cope with everyday challenges and stresses Able to resist diseases and protect yourself from injury Practicing good hygiene: includes yearly medical and dental check-ups Pay attention to what you eat and drink Getting adequate amounts of sleep each night Physically active on a regular basis

14 Your Health Tirangle Mental/Emotional Health Feelings about yourself
How well you meet the demands of your daily life and your ability to process information Enjoy challenges, learning new things See mistakes as opportunities to grow and change Accept responsibility for their actions Stand up for beliefs and values In touch with own feelings and can express them in appropriate ways Avoid dwelling on negative thoughts Use positive thoughts and actions to move forward

15 Your Health Triangle Social Health How you get along with others
Ability to make friends Work/play in cooperative ways Seek and lend support Communicates well Shows care and respect for others

16 Influences on Your Health
Heredity All the traits that were biologically passed on to you from your parents Physical traits, general level of health, personality, basic intellectual abilities and talents

17 Influences on Your Health
Environment Sum of your surroundings Family, your neighborhood, your school, your job and your life experiences Physical Environment Influences every aspect of your health Safety, pollution, pollen, dust, smog, high crime rate, and smoking Social Environment Family and other people whom you come into contact with each day Peers: people of the same age who share similar interests – classmates and friends

18 Influences on Your Health
Environment Culture Collective beliefs, customs, and behaviors of a group Ethnic group, a community, a nation, or a specific part of the world Language, food, traditions, religions Sense of identity

19 Influences on Your Health
Attitude View challenges positively to promote better health Think realistically The way your view situations Behavior Practice healthy habits Reduce intake of high-fat foods Engaging in regular physical activity

20 Influences on Your Health
Media Various methods of communicating information – radio, television, film, newspapers, magazines, books and Internet Use information from professional health organizations for reliable information Technology Helps for people to live longer, healthier lives Keeps air, land and water clean, medical screenings and treatment for disease Negative: Takes away from physical activity – drive instead of walk, video games, computers (sedentary)

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