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Understanding Health and Wellness

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1 Understanding Health and Wellness
Chapter 1: Understanding Health and Wellness

2 Lesson 1 Your Total Health

3 Take Charge!!! You are responsible for your own health
In your opinion, what makes somebody healthy? All these ideas contribute to the “Big Picture” of health What is Health? - the combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being The decisions you make shape your health

4 Your Health Triangle It is important to balance your physical, mental/emotional, and social health (A.K.A. 3 areas of health) All areas must be concentrated on equally of your health triangle or your health will be unbalanced

5 Physical Health How well your body functions
High level of physical health = energy to perform your daily activities, deal with everyday stresses and avoid injury 5 important actions to take everyday to maintain good physical health: 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night Eat nutritious meals and drink 8 glasses of water Engage in minutes of physical activity Avoid use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs Bathe daily, floss and brush your teeth

6 Mental Health Your feelings and thoughts
Mental health includes how you: Feel about yourself Meet demands of your daily life Cope with the problems that are in your daily life

7 Mental Health (Con’t) People who are mentally and emotionally healthy:
Enjoy challenges that help them grow Accept responsibility for their actions Have a sense of control over their lives Can express their emotions in appropriate ways Can deal with stress and frustration Have a positive outlook Make thoughtful and responsible decisions

8 Mental Health (Con’t) Spiritual health falls into the category of mental health Doesn’t necessarily mean belonging to a religious group or community but having a feeling of purpose and sense of values.

9 Social Health Getting along with others
Social network = family, friends, teachers and other members of your community Caring for your social health includes: Seeking and lending support Communicating clearly Listening to others Showing respect and care for yourself and others

10 Keeping a Balance Wellness = overall state of well-being or total health How to maintain wellness: Keeping a balance among the 3 components of health Keep focus on all 3 areas of heath Friends are the most important? Always working out?

11 The Health Continuum Health behaviors will promote your wellness
Your health and wellness are always changing Continuum = sliding scale Health Continuum = spanning the complete range of health, from a loss of health and wellness at one end to a high-level of wellness at the other

12 Moving Toward The Lower End
Chronic Disease = ongoing condition or illness (I.e. heart disease, obesity, cancer, etc.) Lending risk factors: Smoking, lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, being overweight, and lack of health screenings

13 Homework Read Lesson 1 Draw health continuum in your notes
Reviewing facts and vocabulary and thinking critically on pg. 10 of text Answer questions 1-5 in your notebook

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