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Chapter 1Lesson 1 What is Health

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1 Chapter 1Lesson 1 What is Health
Health is a combination of your Physical, Mental/Emotional and Social well being Many People think health is the absence of sickness What does the snapshot of your life look like at this time?

2 Three Elements of Health
Physical Mental/Emotional Social

3 Physical

4 Physical The way the parts and systems of your body work together
It means hat your body has the ability to cope with the stresses of normal daily life To gain and maintain physical health, you need to have proper nutrition, exercise and enough rest and sleep You need to practice good hygiene, get regular medical and dental checkups

5 Mental/Emotional

6 Mental/Emotional Includes your feelings about yourself, how well you relate others and how well you meet the demands of daily life People with good mental/emotional health enjoy learning They see mistakes as opportunities to learn, grow and change

7 Mental/Emotional They accept responsibility for their actions and stand up for their beliefs and values They can express themselves in appropriate healthful ways

8 Social

9 Social Health Involves the way you get along with others
Ability to make and keep friends Ability to work and play in a cooperative ways Communicating well and showing respect and care for yourself and others

10 Your Health Triangle

11 Your Health Triangle Each side of your health triangle affects the other sides When one side receives too much or too little attention the other sides change The whole triangle can become unbalanced Try to keep all sides balanced

12 The Health Continuum

13 The Health Continuum A person with a balanced life is said to have a high degree of WELLNESS Wellness – an overall state of well being or total health It comes from a way of living each day that includes making decisions and practicing behaviors that are based on sound health knowledge and behaviors

14 The Health Continuum Achieving Wellness is an ongoing, lifelong commitment to physical, mental/emotional and social health Your health can change rapidly or gradually and can move along the health continuum Page 7 In Book

15 Promoting Your Health Decision people make and the way they live are directly related to peoples deaths Many deaths could be prevented if people practiced a few simple health habits

16 7 Lifestyle Habits Experts have identified seven habits that make a difference in overall health, happiness and longevity These are called Lifestyle factors – personal behaviors and habits related to the way a person lives, that help determine his or her level of health

17 7 Lifestyle Habits Get between 7- 8 hours sleep per night
Eat nutritious food from the various food groups each day Refrain from smoking and using tobacco products Eat breakfast daily

18 7 Lifestyle Habits Do minutes of nonstop vigorous activity a minimum of three times a week Do not use alcohol or other drugs Maintain your recommended weight

19 Your Attitude, Your Health
Your attitude affects how you take care of yourself Studies have shown that people that are optimistic and positive are less likely to suffer illness and die young than are pessimists who look for negatives in every situation

20 Wellness and Prevention
The key to health and wellness is prevention Prevention – practicing healthy habits to keep a person well and free from disease and other aliments

21 The Importance of Health Education
Health Education – Providing of accurate health information in such a way as to influence people to change attitudes so that they take positive action about their health Health education is about learning facts about health

22 Being Health Literate A health literate person must be:
A critical thinker – Able to evaluate information from reliable sources A responsible, productive citizen – promotes health and chooses safe, healthful and legal behaviors

23 Being Health Literate A self direct learner – Able to gather and use accurate, current health information throughout life An effective communicator – ability to express knowledge, beliefs and ideas in a variety of forms

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