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Bell Activity Please fill out the “Student Information Sheet”. Please answer the questions on the “Student Interest Survey” (on the back of the “Student.

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2 Bell Activity Please fill out the “Student Information Sheet”. Please answer the questions on the “Student Interest Survey” (on the back of the “Student Information Sheet”). Begin looking over the syllabus.

3 Welcome to Freshman English!!

4 Classroom Expectations: L: Leave cell phones and other electronic devices turned off while in the classroom. E: Engage yourself and participate in class. Ask Questions. A: Arrive on time to class with all of your materials and ready to learn (this includes supplies, homework, and knowledge). R: Respect your classmates (NO HUNTING), your teacher and your classroom. N: Navigate your time; so that you can take care of personal matters outside of class (this includes bathroom business). Our time together is valuable.

5 Classroom Procedures: 1.Seat – Go 2.Material – Pull out 3.Journal – Write (Bell Activity) 4.Homework – Turn In or Discuss 5.Lecture/ Discussion – Take Notes 6.Activity 7.New Homework 8.Wrap Up (Parking Lot)

6 English I Syllabus: The Highlights We will focus on three main areas in this classroom: reading, writing, and grammar. In these three main areas, you will be given work that will be either counted as a major grade or a minor grade. A major grade is worth 60% while a minor grade is worth 40%. Major grades are usually tests, essays, major projects, presentations, binders, journals, etc.

7 Syllabus Highlights continued: Minor grades are daily grades, quizzes, short writing assignments, classroom participation, etc. There are four assignments that will be ongoing throughout the semester that you will be graded on. They are: planners, VSG (vocabulary/syntax/grammar), journals (bell work), and outside reading.

8 Syllabus Highlights: Binders: You are required to keep an organized binder and bring it to class daily. You are required to have your binder divided into three sections: Reading/Literature, Writing, and Vocabulary/Grammar. You will need dividers (3). It must be neat and organized.

9 Syllabus Highlights: VSG You are going to be given a new set of vocabulary words at the beginning of each two week period. This means we will study our vocabulary words for two weeks before you are tested on them. You will also be taught grammar lessons in relation with these words. You will be composing sentences each week during the two week period using both the vocabulary word and the new grammar lesson. You will be graded on the sentences and the vocabulary tests for VSG.

10 Syllabus Highlights: Journals You will be writing in your journals nearly every single class day. You will be graded on your journals every six weeks. It is a major grade. Your journal will be kept only in the classroom. You will need to have your journals in class by this Friday (August 26 th ). It can be a spiral notebook.

11 Syllabus Highlights: Outside Reading You will be expected to read novels, non- fiction, fiction, poetry, or essays outside of class throughout the year. Please come to class with the material read and prepared to discuss it. You will be given quizzes and assignments to evaluate if you have done the assignment.

12 Syllabus Highlights: Grades You will be given at least 2 grades every week. Some of these grades will be minor while others will be major. If you are not making a satisfactory grade in my class, you will receive a progress report at the 3 week mark during the 6 weeks. Please, Please, Please do not wait till Progress Report time to come to tutorials for help!! I will hold tutorials daily from 7:45 – 8:20 and after school on Monday and Tuesdays until 4:30. You and your parents can access your grade at Skyward Family Access.

13 Syllabus Highlights: Communication My e-mail and phone number are on the top of your syllabus. Please feel free to use these at any time to communicate with me. I have 1 st period conference. This time is set aside for me to help you and communicate with your parents. Communication is vital for your success, so I will be setting up conferences with you and your parents in order to achieve that success.

14 Syllabus Highlights: Homework, Make-up and Late Work All assignments are due at the beginning of the period. At the end of the 6 weeks, one daily grade will be dropped. Only ONE late assignment is allowed per 6 weeks with a 20% reduction in score this is for both major and minor grades. You will have one week to complete all make-up work, including tests that must be taken in tutorials.

15 Syllabus Highlights: Cheating and Plagiarism Cheating and plagiarism is unacceptable behavior. You will be given a zero for any assignment you plagiarize or cheat on along with a referral to the office. I will also take the liberty to call your parents to explain what has happened. You are expected to complete your own work. Please do so.

16 Homework: Contract signed by you and your parents. Supplies

17 Have a Good Day! I’m looking forward to an exciting year with each of you!

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