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Government  B1. Things to Discuss  Syllabus  Binders  Behaviors  Grade Breakdown  Supplies  Attendance Policy  Technology  Student and Staff.

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Presentation on theme: "Government  B1. Things to Discuss  Syllabus  Binders  Behaviors  Grade Breakdown  Supplies  Attendance Policy  Technology  Student and Staff."— Presentation transcript:

1 Government  B1

2 Things to Discuss  Syllabus  Binders  Behaviors  Grade Breakdown  Supplies  Attendance Policy  Technology  Student and Staff Responsibility  Make-up Work  Food and Drink  Participation  Hall Pass  Website

3 Syllabus  Videos  Worksheets  Multiple Projects  Test grades  Maps  Book Work  Worksheets  Tests/Quizzes

4 Binders  Binders  Everyone in the class must have a binder just for Government  There will be 3 sections in your binder: 1. Classwork 2. T/Q 3. Notes – 2 times per quarter I will collect the binders and do a binder check: – quiz grade

5 Behaviors  Conduct yourself in an appropriate way always  Appropriate attitudes at all times  Do not talk over others  Please raise your hand if you have something to say * Class will be rigorous so lets try to make this year as easy and fun as possible

6 Grade Breakdown  Students will earn grades in the following categories  Class Participation  Assessments/Projects  Quizzes  Classwork

7 Grade Breakdown  This portion is worth 20% of their overall quarter grade  Criteria that will be graded daily:  Binder  Agenda Book  Writing Utensil  On time  If a student in tardy unexcused they will lose the following amount of points from their daily Class Participation Grade:  1-9 minutes =10 points  10-19 minutes =20 points  20-29 minutes =30 points  Etc…

8 Projects  Worth 30% of overall grade  I give very few tests  To make up for that we do projects:  These will count towards assessment grade:  Usually worth either 1 or 2 test grades

9 Quizzes  Worth 20% of overall grade  I give short quizzes frequently:  At the end of each section we cover

10 Classwork  30% of overall grade  We will have classwork everyday  I do not give homework  If the students work as hard as they can they can finish the classwork in the allotted time given  If students do not work as hard as they can then they have given themselves homework

11 Books  We do have a textbook for this class  The textbook stays in the classroom  I have taken the book and created PowerPoint notes for the student:  A copy of these notes are given to the students  It is rare for the student to need to take a book from the class

12 Agenda Book  We will write down assignments given each class  This is required in my classes  One of the teachers will also sign the agenda book daily  Please review your child's agenda book:  This will assist them with maintaining a passing grade

13 Missed Class  File Cabinet System:  In the class there will be a filing cabinet:  1 drawer for each of my classes  In that class drawer will be a folder for each student  If a student missed a day they will have the work/notes in that folder  Students should check folder frequently  If the student was absent/tardy excused all the work from the missed class will be present  If the student was absent/tardy unexcused only the missed notes will be present  It is important that the parents/guardians of the student call the school if their child is going to miss a day  I only check on students attendance each day. If the students has their absent unexcused changed after that day they must let me know so I can get them the missed work

14 Supplies  You need to be prepared for class  If you need a pen/pencil ask one of your classmates before you ask me  When working on projects, I have scissors, glue, markers etc…  If you need something please ask * Always be prepared

15 School Attendance Policy  If the student accumulates 3 Tardy Unexcused per class they will receive an office detention:  Every Tardy Unexcused from that point until the end of the quarter will result in an office detention  Miss more than half the class unexcused; will receive an unexcused absent for that class  If the student accumulates 3 absent unexcused per quarter the highest grade they can achieve that quarter is a 69

16 Averages  The school runs on a 2 semester school year:  1 st semester = 50%  2 nd semester =50%  1st Semester:  Average the grade from 1st and 2nd quarter plus the mid-term:  Quarter 1 = 45%  Quarter 2 = 45%  Mid-Term = 10%  2nd Semester:  Average the grade from the 3rd and 4th quarter plus the final:  Quarter 3 = 45%  Quarter 4 = 45%  Final = 10%  Semesters are not averaged together  If you pass both semesters you will receive 1 credit  If you pass one semester you will receive 1/2 credit

17 Technology  Electronic devices are allowed only before and after school, except when at lunch while in the cafeteria:  I will not take personal technology from students  After 1 warning student will be asked to go to the office  Do not have any personal tech. out in class  When we use the class laptops only take your assigned computer:  Treat them like gold

18 Student and Staff Responsibility  Student  Be prepared  Be in class on time  Have work complete  If you miss a class see me ASAP before or after school  Be appropriate at all times  Have fun  Staff  Grant any reasonable request:  There may or may not be another teacher in the classroom to co-teach  Shape young minds

19 Make-Up Work/Extra Credit  I will give you until progress reports and end of quarter to get work in for a grade:  If you use your time wisely in class you will complete your work in class  No homework, unless you do not finish classwork in class  If you do not like your grade on a test or quiz you can retake test or quiz:  Retakes can be taken before or after school  Extra Credit:  Just ask  Must have classwork complete before extra-credit is given  Extra credit will not take the place of a low classwork grade

20 Food and Drink  Allowed  Privilege will be taken away if:  Something is spilled  Food is on the floor  Trash is left in class  It becomes distracting:  Teachers in the room will determine what is “distracting”

21 Participation  I like entertaining your questions  Please fell free at any time to raise your hand and ask appropriate questions pertaining to the topic being discussed

22 Hall Pass  You have 5 minutes no more without a very valid reason (not excuse)  If you misuse the pass you will lose the privilege for a week  Completely fill out the pass when you leave and return

23 My Website  ite/Home.html ite/Home.html  The above site will provide students and parents with a daily agenda and dates work is due  Students can find a copy of their notes if they lose their copy

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