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Welcome to English Mrs. Paget 2014-2015.

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1 Welcome to English Mrs. Paget

2 You are the reason I’m here.
I love to teach. Don’t perceive me as a teacher who is out to get you. I’m a teacher who wants more than anything for you to be successful.

3 Classroom Rules

4 Respect Others Say and do KIND things to your classmates and teacher.

5 Be Responsible Come to class with pen, textbook, computer, assignments, and AR book. You should be in the classroom when the bell rings.

6 Stay School Appropriate
Your conduct in this classroom will remain school appropriate at all times. You will not use profanity or any inappropriate language or gestures. This also applies to school work.

7 All rules that are in your handbook also apply in this classroom.
Use Common Sense All rules that are in your handbook also apply in this classroom.

8 Cherish Technology The use of laptops and ipads is a privilege that can be taken from you. Cell phones need to be turned to silent and put on the table during class.

9 Ask Questions Ask questions when you do not understand.
If you don’t feel comfortable asking in front of the class, pass me a note.

10 Consequences If you choose to make a problem, I will do something about it. I sometimes give warnings. Some common punishments that I give are detentions, copying sentences, writing letters home, or a discipline referral.

11 Grading Scale and Weights
I use the school board approved grading scale for our district. Your grade will be weighted according to the following percentages. Quizzes, tests, projects, papers 40% Daily work % Participation % AR % Comprehensive Final 10% of semester grade

12 Participation Points Participation points are all or nothing.

13 Assignment Collection
Turn assignments in on time. Turn past due assignments in the next day for 50% off of the final grade (not later that day). Retrieve graded and recorded assignments from the “out” trays.

14 Extra Credit Students are only eligible to receive extra credit assignments and points if they have completed all assignments from that quarter.

15 Absences You are responsible for getting assignments if you miss class. I will not hunt you down!

16 Bathroom Breaks Try to use the restroom between classes.
I will only allow one student to leave the room for restroom/drink breaks at a time. Detours will result in consequences. Only ask if you really have to go.

17 AR AR is worth 10% of your quarter grade.
Your STAR test result will determine the number of points you will need each nine weeks, and the level of books you should be reading. Look on the spine of the book to determine the book level and how many points it is worth. Points are rewarded according to student performance on AR tests. When you finish a book, take an AR test. Students are rewarded for AR points at the end of the year with the AR trip.

18 AR rewards Possible nine week or semester activities
AR trip at the end of the year 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals Recognition of top 10 at awards banquet

19 AR reward eligibility Students must meet both the point and percentage requirements to receive rewards.

20 Recommendations to succeed in Mrs. Paget’s class
Get your water before the bell rings. Put your name and date on assignments. If I give you class time to work, use it. If you abuse it, I’ll abuse your time out of school.

21 Recommendations for Success
4. If I give you class time to work, use it. If you abuse it, I’ll abuse your time out of school. 5. Discuss issues with me in a respectful manner. I make mistakes, you make mistakes, and so do your classmates. If there is a problem, pull me aside, ask to talk to me in the hall or come see me after school. Don’t make a scene in class!

22 Recommendations for Success
Write in complete sentences. Avoid abbreviations, symbols, and texting shortcuts. Elaborate on answers. Please remain seated. I don’t like wandering students. No bathroom breaks during quizzes or tests.

23 Recommendations for Success
Beware of Mrs. Paget moments. Make sure that I am really paying attention to you when you ask to do something. My mind may be elsewhere, and I may not even remember you asking!

24 Have a great year! I believe that success comes to those who take ownership of their goals and actions. If you want to do well in English, decide that you are going to do well, and then act on that decision. Grades don’t just happen to you. Your actions and abilities determine your grade. Don’t let life happen to you; make life happen for you.

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