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Advances in ITS/Telematics technology and applications

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1 Advances in ITS/Telematics technology and applications
ITU-R Study Group 8 Seminar , 9 September 2004 Advances in ITS/Telematics technology and applications Masayuki FUJISE National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) JAPAN

2 ITS Standardization in ITU-R
1994, Question on ITS Recommendations (Answers to the Question) 1995 1996 1997 1998 2000 2001 ITU-R/SG8/WP8A/WG2 Standardization for ITS Objectives & Requirements Rec. ITU-R M. 1310 Functionalities Rec. ITU-R M. 1451 Current Use Radio services - Broadcast - DSRC - Short-range radar - Short-range vehicle-to- vehicle - Short-range continuous - Wide area of Spectrum Traffic & Spectrum Requirements Short-range Radar Rec. ITU-R M. 1452 5.8GHz DSRC Rec. ITU-R M ? Technologies VICS (DSRC) ? Next generation ITS radio communication ? * Rec. ITU-R M. 1453, Revised in 2002.

3 DSRC Spectrum Allocations
DSRC Generation: First Second Frequency (MHz) 5,800 5,900 5,725 5,875 ITU-R ISM Band Europe 5,795 5,815 902 928 5,850 5,925 North America (WAVE) 5,770 5,850 Japan

4 Japan: DSRC (ARIB STD-T75 & T88)
Existing Existing New with ASL Application 1 Application n Internet Application Non-Internet Application TCP/IP or Local Port DSRC ASL ARIB STD-T88 DSRC Service ARIB STD-T75 Existing DSRC Application SubLayer

5 Japan: DSRC Applications - ETC
Target Number of Issued OBU Million 4 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 .5 03/3 12 02/3 01/5 9 12 04/3 6 06/12 9 Big potential market by the single standard Rapidly growing OBU (On Board Unit) market OBU Price Down

6 Japan: DSRC Multiple Applications (Planned)
Parking Permission & Payment Settlements System (Department Store, Super Market, etc. ) Car Ferry Fare Automatic Check-in & Settlement Parking Management Road & Traffic Information Providing Services Gas Pumping Stand Information Support System Settlements System Information Providing (High-speed driving) Gas Station 58,000 Stations Customers Management (In-Out Control) Electronic Advertisements Information Station at Convenience Store Settlements System Public Parking 400 locations Private Parking 6,500 locations Paid Contents Delivery Information Providing (Stationary) Convenience Store 30,000 Stores DSRC Applications Road Station SA/PA Private Store, Parking Garage, etc. 550 locations 97,500 locations ERP (Road Pricing) Zone Tolling Drive Through Drive Through Shopping Settlements System 3,000 locations Driver Support Logistics Management Trucks & Trailers Logistics Management System Taxies Management System

7 Study on ITS telecommunication system
Millimeter wave RoF road-vehicle communication system  ・Multiple-services  ・high speed data transmission Millimeter wave inter vehicle communication system  ・integrated radar communication system  ・safe operational support

8 Integrated millimeter-wave radar communication system

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