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1 Ben Pierce, Battelle March 2, 2010 US DOT IntelliDrive SM Program.

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1 1 Ben Pierce, Battelle March 2, 2010 US DOT IntelliDrive SM Program

2 2 What is IntelliDrive SM ? Subscriber Delivery Node Data Provider Network Users/ Data Subscribers Internet Enterprise Network Operations Centers Cell 3G/4G Sirius/XM On-Board Equipment Dash Display Dedicated Short Range Communications Road Side Equipment IntelliDrive Services Secure, wireless data communication network that shares data among vehicles, infrastructure, and personal communication devices

3 3 The Layers of IntelliDrive SM

4 4 What is Innovative about IntelliDrive SM ? 1.Innovative Partnerships 2.Technology Advancement Drivers and Traveling Public Original Equipment Manufacturers USDOT and Federal Government Agencies Academic and Research Communities Technology Developers and Suppliers State and Local Transportation Agencies IntelliDrive Stakeholders are Broad and Diverse Connectivity Through Technology TMC Picture Courtesy Of HNTB

5 5 Innovative Partnerships: In The Beginning….. Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Consortium –Formed in 2005 as a 501(c)(6) Non-Profit U.S. DOT – Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office (JPO), at DOTs Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA)

6 6 Early Collaboration Provide Funding Mechanism Provide Program Direction/Oversight Primary Responsibility for Infrastructure/Test Beds Provide In-Kind Resources Primary Responsibility for Vehicle Systems

7 7 Proof-of-Concept Demonstration Designed to Focus on DSRC –Road Side Equipment Infrastructure Dependent

8 8 Proof-of-Concept (cont.) Prototype On-board Equipment

9 9 Proof-of-Concept (Cont.) In-Vehicle Applications Feasibility Testing –Probe Data Collection (Including Vehicle Data from CAN Bus) –In-Vehicle Signage -Traveler Information (Next Exit) Signs -Work Zone/Speed Limit Signs –Navigation –E-Payment -Tolling -Parking –Heartbeat (V2V) Communication

10 10 What Did the POC Reveal? IntelliDrive SM as a concept was feasible DSRC communications has some issues –Somewhat line-of-sight –Antenna placement is significant factor V2V communication possible for safety applications –Lingering questions on latency Probe data can be collected and viewed in near real-time In-vehicle signage is very possible and worked well with DSRC GPS accuracy still is challenging for safety applications

11 11 Other POC Efforts Continue to Demonstrate Feasibility of IntelliDrive SM Concepts and Advance Technology

12 12 Growing Interest and Involvement in IntelliDrive SM Among Stakeholders

13 13 Whats Happening in Minnesota? IntelliDrive SM (VII) for Safety, Mobility and User Fee Implementation –Two Year Field Test –Examine Integration of IntelliDrive with Mileage-Based User Fees (MBU) –500 Vehicles equipped with devices Hennepin County –10,000 installations in vehicles –Capturing MBUF –To be Funded via TIGER Grant

14 14 Questions?

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