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THREE COLONIAL REGIONS Geographical Characteristics Make a Difference

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1 THREE COLONIAL REGIONS Geographical Characteristics Make a Difference
Essential Question: What influence did the environment have on the economy and settlement of each colonial region?

2 The 13 Colonies were grouped into 3 Distinct Geographic Regions
Remember a region is defined as a large area of land having similar geographic, political, or cultural characteristics that distinguish it from other areas. The 3 Colonial Regions are divided into: Northern Colonies, Mid-Atlantic Colonies, and the Southern Colonies Each of these regions have distinct physical characteristics and unique natural resources. These physical characteristics and natural resources will influence the way the colonies develop over time. Economically, Politically, and Culturally

3 Northern Colonies or New England: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island
Not known for good farmland – farms small, mainly provide for individual families Harbors throughout the region – good for European trade Good region for fishing, shipbuilding, lumbering, and fur trading Also traded goods with Europe Small towns were the centers of local government Settled by religious reformers and separatists Religious Freedoms were essential Skilled craftsman (shipbuilding) Growth of cities and known for education

4 Mid-Atlantic Colonies: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware
Area excellent for farming and had natural harbors for trade with Europe Good mix of farming, trading and skilled workers Farmers grew grain and raised livestock Settled by people from many different backgrounds and life styles

5 Southern Colonies: Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia
Grew their own food but also known for CASH CROPS-Tobacco, Rice, and Indigo Primarily agricultural Settled by people seeking economic resources to provide material wealth for England and themselves Plantations (large farms) vs. small farms of Northern Colonies Worked by indentured servants and Slaves Kept people living far apart – prevents growth of towns Contributes to more independent, rural attitudes Main business was trade with England – dependent on England During Revolution more likely to side with England

6 Quick Comparison of Three Colonial Regions
Northern Colonies: Economy based on skilled labor Environment ideal for water powered mills – finished goods like woven cloth and metal tools People heavily connected to church and village community Middle Colonies Good soil & moderate weather – small to large farms Coastal lowlands and many bays Good trading opportunities Southern Colonies Great soil, longer growing season – cash crops Plantations – self sufficient – less towns & cities Wealthy aristocrats & slave labor – divide socially and economically Life rugged and rural – leads to great independence

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