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Colonial America Essential Question: What was life like in the British Colonies?

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1 Colonial America Essential Question: What was life like in the British Colonies?

2 Push Factors A reason that people would want to leave or move away from their current location

3 Push Factors Population Growth Agricultural Changes Crop Failures Industrial Revolution Religious Readings

4 Pull Factor A reason that people would want to move some where new

5 Pull Factors of America Freedom Economic Opportunity Religious Freedom Abundant Land

6 Why British Colonies in North America? Make money Competing with other European Countries Gain more land Mercantilism – economic policy where the government gets money by controlling trade

7 First Colony Roanoke - 1584 - Was it successful? Why? Jamestown - 1607 - Was it successful? Why? Which colony was the first?

8 General Information There were 3 distinct regions Each colony had a charter (rules for establishing a colony) Governor was appointed by king Most colonies were democratic/ self governing (ruled by the people)

9 3 Regional Colonial Areas New England Colonies Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut New Hampshire Middle Colonies New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware Southern Colonies Maryland Virginia Georgia North Carolina South Carolina

10 New England Colonies Based on religion Seeking religious freedom Not good land for farming Relied on selling goods back to England Worked well with Native Americans

11 Middle Colonies Raised a variety of crops Lumbering and shipbuilding Culturally diverse Religious diversity

12 Southern Colonies Rivers, wetlands Good soil Tobacco, rice, Cash Crops – crop raised in large quantities and sold for profit Large Farms – Plantations Indentured Servants and Slaves

13 Indentured Servants Had tickets to colonies purchased for them by their masters Once they worked off the cost of the ticket they could be freed

14 Life in the Colonies - Slavery Didn’t start until a century after other European Countries had already instituted slavery Started after indentured servitude came to an end Slaves could earn their way out of slavery

15 Life in the Colonies - Slavery Purchased from African Kings Part of Triangle Trade Endured Middle Passage

16 Life in the Colonies - Slavery Slaves were used to grow Cash Crops: tobacco, rice and indigo A few slaves in the New England Colonies Slaves were widespread in the South Virginia was the first state to make slavery a formal institution

17 Life in the Colonies - Trade Mercantilism Little support for English Monarchs Encourage trade between colonies and mother country Limited trade with other countries Could not make profits from selling to other countries

18 Life in the Colonies - Education Looked similar to English Grammar schools Reading, Writing, arithmetic Religious Many Colleges founded in Colonies – Harvard, Yale, Columbia, William and Mary

19 Life in the Colonies - Religion Great Awakening Ideas of Liberty, Self Reliance, Equality Almost everyone has a faith group they belong to Pastors responsible for actions of colonists

20 Life in Colonies - Government Wanted to be part of the English Government and society Wanted to follow the rules an policies of the monarch

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