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Biomes Terrestrial Only

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1 Biomes Terrestrial Only
Tropical Rainforest Temperate Rainforest Desert Grassland Deciduous Forest Coniferous Forest also called Boreal Forest and Taiga Tundra

2 Biomes These are the four areas we will look at.
Location Climate Vegetation Animals

3 Tropical Rainforest Location: Near equator Africa, South America
Climate: Hot, and rainy Vegetation: Abundant plants, trees form a canopy Animals: Many insects, huge variety of animals

4 Tropical Rainforest Contains more species of plants and animals of all other Biomes combined.

5 Temperate Rainforest Location: Northwest United States
Climate: Moderate, lots of rain Vegetation: Huge trees Animals: Large selection

6 Temperate Rainforest The animals

7 Temperate Rainforest Famous for huge trees

8 Grasslands Location: Africa, United States, South America, Asia, Europe Climate: Moderate amount of rain, not enough to support trees. Cold but not harsh winters semi-hot summers Vegetation: Grass limited trees Animals: Home to largest land animals. Elephants, Rhino, Buffalos, Hippos

9 Grasslands The animals

10 Desert Location: Found on every continent.
Climate: Hot, dry, cool to cold nights except Antartica which is very cold Vegetation: Very little Animals: Little variety, many small, adapted to extreme heat or cold,and very dry conditions

11 Desert Plants and animals must survive with little water

12 Deciduous Forest Location : Six of seven continents, South America, Africa, Kennesaw GA. Climate: Seasons, above average rainfall, Not extremly hot, nor cold Vegetation: Trees drop leaves in fall, grow in spring Animals: Medium variety, average number of insects

13 Boreal Forest/ Taiga/ Coniferous Forest
Location: Northern Europe, Russia, Canada Northern North America Climate: Cold, heavy snowfall Vegetation: Coniferous Trees, limited variety because of harsh climate Animal: limited variety, moose, deer, beavers, insects

14 Boreal Forest Animals and Plants

15 Tundra Location: Extreme north, Arctic Climate: Very cold, dry
Vegetation: Few trees, limited plants, moss, lichen, permafrost Animals: Caribou, insects in summer, wolves, birds that fly south, polar bear

16 Freshwater Biomes/Ponds Lakes
Bodies of standing or still water Algae are your major producers Insects, snails, amphibians, fish, are some of your animals. Catfish are scavengers and bacteria are decomposer in a lake or pond

17 Freshwater Biomes

18 Rivers and Streams Both have moving water
The headwaters are where rivers and streams begin. Plants and animals are adapted for the moving water.

19 Marine Biomes / Estuaries
Estuaries Where fresh water of a river meets salt water of the ocean Common animals are crabs,worms,clams, fish,algae.

20 Marine Biomes/Intertidal
Intertidal The part of the beach between the highest high tide and lowest low tide

21 Marine Biomes/Neritic
Neritic The part of the ocean that extends over the continental shelf. Contains many schools of fish, coral reefs, and algae

22 Marine Biomes/Surface
Surface Zone The area of the ocean in which light penetrates Only goes down a few hundred meters This zone contains the oceans producers which drive all of the other zones

23 Marine Biomes/Deep Zone
Deep Zone Most of the water is completely dark Most animals feed on animals that sink down from the surface zone Home of some bizarre-looking animals

24 The Deep Zone

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