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Temperate Forest.

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1 Temperate Forest

2 Temperate Forest Geography: Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere
Climate and Temperature: Cool, rainy areas Avg. temperature is 75 2-5 feet of precipitation Humid Biotic Factors: Trees lose leaves in Fall Large variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers Large variety of animals: Bears, deer, rabbits, eagles, wolves, frogs, snakes, lizards, and mice

3 Desert

4 Desert Geography: One fifths of earth’s land Climate and Temperature:
Less than 10 in of rain a year- very dry Extreme heat during day and cold during night Biotic Factors: Plants with small leaves- cacti and grasses Many nocturnal animals Coyotes, snakes, spiders etc.

5 Tropical Rainforest

6 Tropical Rainforest Geography:
Found in mountains, valleys and flat lands Usually near equator Climate and Temperature: Year around warmth Avg. of in of rain High heat and humidity Biotic Factors: Most animal and plant diversity Monkeys, panthers, birds, frogs, iguanas, many insects Plants with large leaves

7 Taiga

8 Taiga Geography: Northern Hemisphere Largest biome on Earth
Climate and Temperature: Cold harsh climate Low precipitation Biotic Factors: Deer, moose, wolves , rabbits, bears Plants are mostly pine trees- always green and never lose leaves

9 Tundra

10 Tundra Geography: Always found near the North Pole
Climate and Temperature: Cold, treeless area Little precipitation Coldest biome Biotic Factors: Arctic foxes, polar bears, wolves, owls Few plants due to frozen ground

11 Temperate Grassland

12 Temperate Grassland Geography: Flat or slightly hilly areas
Climate and Temperature: Windy, mostly dry area Low precipitation in. Biotic Factors: Many insects and large mammals such as wild cats, elephants, antelope Most all plants are tall deep rooted grasses

13 Freshwater

14 Freshwater Geography: Ponds, lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands
Scattered all over the globe Climate and Temperature Depends on location Ranges from 35F to 75F Biotic Factors Reptiles, birds, fish, Plankton, algae, various grasses

15 Saltwater

16 Salt Water Geography Covers about 71% of the Earth’s suface
Ocean floor covered in valleys, trenches, plateaus, ridges and some volcanoes Climate and Temperature Warmer by equator Cooler far from the equator Biotic Factors Shellfish, fish, whales, dolphins Seaweeds, coral

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