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1 Biomes

2 A biome is one of Earth’s large ecosystems, with its own kind of climate, soil, plants, and animals.

3 Six major biomes Desert Tundra Temperate Deciduous Forest Taiga
Grassland Savanna Tropical Rainforest (And MOUNTAINS)

4 Desert Hot and dry that averages less than 35 cm of rain a year

5 Desert Hot in day, cold at night 20-30 degrees latitude Baja Desert
Sahara Desert Some at cold locations High biodiversity- only rainforest has more species Plants: cactus, heat and dry tolerant plants

6 Animals of the Desert Rodents, snakes, lizards, tortoises, insects, and some birds. The Sahara Desert in Africa is home to camels,, small foxes, snakes, lizards, and gerbils

7 Tundra Cold dry conditions with less than 25 cm of precipitation; permanently frozen ground

8 Tundra Permafrost Northern parts of US, Asia and Europe
mosses and lichen cover the land, Grasses In Arctic Coldest biome Winter temp -34C, summer 12C

9 Animals of the Tundra Musk oxen, migrating caribou, arctic foxes, weasels, snowshoe hares, owls, hawks, various rodents, occasional polar bear.

10 Temperate deciduous Forest
Forest biome with moderate amt of precipitation and temperature range with a lot of broad leaf trees.

11 Temperate deciduous Forest
GA has a lot of temperate forest Temp- -30 to 30C Rainfall cm Birch, beech, oak, maple- lose leaves in fall Mid-range latitudes 4 seasons

12 Animals of the Temperate Deciduous Forest
Wolves, deer, bears, and a wide variety of small mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and insects

13 Taiga A cool forest biome of conifers in the upper Northern Hemisphere
Also called boreal forest Also called coniferous

14 Taiga Largest climate region degrees latitude Northern areas- Canada and N Eurasia Ave temp below freeze For half year cm precip yrly Short growing season Cold winters and mild Summers Dense forests

15 Plants/Animals of the Taiga
Rodents, snowshoe hares, lynx,, moose, caribou, bears, wolves, birds in summer Pine, fir, hemlock, spruce

16 Tropical Rain Forest A warm, humid biome near the equator, with much rainfall and the greatest biodiversity

17 Tropical Rain Forest 200-400 cm rain yrly At or near equator
Dense canopy 75% land species live in rain forests 20-25C temp year round Foggy 100 species of plants Per 2.5 acres-1 hectare

18 Plants/Animals of the Tropical Rain Forest
insects, reptiles, and amphibians; monkeys, toucan, other small and large mammals, including in some places elephants

19 Grasslands A biome where grasses, not trees, are the main plant life. Savannas, prairies, and temperate grasslands are examples.

20 Savanna one kind of grassland in Africa 2 seasons- rainy and dry
In parts of tropics without much rain

21 Temperate Grasslands Middle latitudes Interiors of continents
Far from large bodies of water Most precip in late spring cm yrly 30C to -40C

22 Temperate grassland plants/animals
Prairie dogs, foxes, small mammals, snakes, insects, various birds

23 Savanna(grassland) animals and plants
: Elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes- long legs and fast, burrowers to avoid fire grasses

24 Mountains Land that projects above the Area around it
Different climates, plants, & animals due to elevation Higher it is- more like closer To the poles Wet and dry sides Temp depends on elevation

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