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The Birth of Psychology Wadsworth, a division of Thomson Learning.

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1 The Birth of Psychology Wadsworth, a division of Thomson Learning

2 Defining Psychology w Defined-The study of behavior and mental processes w Goals of Psychology To fulfill a genuine curiosity about behavior To study behavior by observation To understand the contributions of genetics and environment (social and cultural) in behavior and mental process To study behavior using methods that deem the study scientific

3 The Roots of Psychology w In the late 1800’s both physiologists and philosophers will be investigating the mind w Philosophy Provides the undying questioning of “why” w Physiology Provides the methodology that will be used to answer “how”


5 Psychology-A scientific discipline w Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) Works to have psychology become an independent science Founds the 1st psychology laboratory in Germany (1879) Founds the 1st journal dedicated to publishing research in psychology (1881) Wundt defines psychology as the study of conscious experience

6 Psychology Comes to America w G. Stanley Hall (1846-1924) A student of Wundt Establishes 1st American laboratory dedicated to the study of Psychology at Johns Hopkins (1883) Founded 1st American journal dedicated to publishing work of psychologists (1887) Founded American Psychological Association (1892)

7 w Structuralism Wundt and Titchener were primary contributors to this school of thought Structuralism focused on the structure of consciousness Premise-The content of conscious experience can be analyzed into its basic elements Competing Schools of Thought That Shape Psychology

8 w Functionalism William James and G. Stanley Hall were the primary proponents Interested in studying the functions of consciousness Premise-the function of a conscious experience in providing adaptation of the organism is more important than the structure of that conscious experience


10 Current Perspectives in Psychology

11 Research Perspectives w Developmental Psychology w Social Psychology w Experimental Psychology w Physiological Psychology w Cognitive Psychology w Personality w Psychometrics


13 Applied Perspectives/a short list w Clinical Psychology-provide counseling to clients with psychological disorders w Counseling Psychology-provide counseling to clients with more day to day problems w Educational and School Psychology-work to improve the delivery of education to students

14 Applied Perspectives/a short list w Industrial and Organizational Psychology-work to improve work conditions, productivity and morale in business and industry w Sports Psychology-work to train athletes in mental preparation for performance w Forensic Psychology-as an example, work to provide profiles of criminal behavior, to advise on the psychology of courtroom proceedings


16 In Such a Diverse Science, What Holds It All Together w The Desire to: w Describe w Predict w Understand & Control Behavior

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