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Ancient Rome.

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1 Ancient Rome

2 The Roman Republic

3 I. Geography A. Located on a Peninsula B. Rivers, hills, and fertile soil C. Italy was in the center of the Mediterranean Sea D. Rome was in central Italy, near the Tiber River

4 II. Beginnings A. 900’s B.C Rome grew slowly B. 600 B.C Etruscans took Control of Rome C. In 509 B.C the Romans revolted and regained control E. The Romans borrowed ideas from the Greeks and the Etruscans (alphabet/toga)

5 III. Roman Republic Republic- citizens have the right to vote to select their leaders B. Senate was made up of 300 upper class men called Patricians C. Plebeians were ordinary citizens who could not hold office or be senators D. Consuls were the two men that led Rome 1. Veto is when one leader voted against a action 2. Dictator was able to take over in emergencies for only 6 months

6 IV. Patricians versus Plebeians
A. Patricians thought they were above the plebeians B. Plebeians thought the Patricians were unfair 1. Plebeians formed a group to protect their interests 2. They wrote a code of laws known as The Laws of the Twelve Tables (Equality) 3. The plebeians never gained the equality or power of the patricians

7 V. Master of the Mediterranean
A. Roman expansion led to the conquering of Northern Africa B. Conquered Carthage, Spain, Greece, & Gaul (France)

8 V. End of the Republic A. Patricians murdered the leaders of the Plebeians B. Individual leaders built their own armies and disregarded consuls decisions C. Civil unrest and war between private armies D. Julius Caesar came to power to unite Rome

9 VI. Julius Caesar Rise to Power
A. Caesar was leader of the Armies which conquered Gaul B. He used his army to take over the senate and become dictator of the Roman world in 48 B.C. C. In 45 B.C. Caesar was the only consul and dictator for life D. He reorganized the government, however the senate thought the dictator was like a king E. Caesar was killed by senators in 44 B.C.- civil unrest lasted for 13 years

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