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Ancient Rome. Origins of Rome Story of “Romulus & Remus” In reality, men NOT mortals built Rome.

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1 Ancient Rome

2 Origins of Rome Story of “Romulus & Remus” In reality, men NOT mortals built Rome


4 Rome’s Geography Built on 7 rolling hills at a curve on the Tiber River Near the center of the Italian Peninsula

5 The First Romans Arrived in PRE-HISTORIC times 3 groups inhabited the region: 1.Latins (original settlement @ Rome) 2.Greeks (southern Italy & Sicily; colonies) 3.Etruscans (northern Italy) ***Begin Organizer NOTES*** 1 st 500 years roots are from Etruscan culture Writing system, metalworkers, alphabet adopted by Romans Greek & Latin Influences as well

6 Early Republic Last king of Rome (Tarquin the Proud) Driven out of power b/c he was a TYRANT Created a REPUBLIC –Where power rests citizens who have the right to vote its leaders

7 Social Classes 1.Patricians (inherited power & social status) Nobles of Rome (wealthy landowners) Forced out King Declared a republic in 509 BC Elected leaders 2.Plebeians Majority of population Wealthy, working class, & poor Had some rights (could vote) Couldn’t hold office Eventually allowed to form assembly & elect representatives (TRIBUES)

8 Twelve Tables Tablets that Patricians were forced to write laws –Hung throughout Rome’s Forum Established that ALL FREE CITIZENS had right to protection under laws

9 Twelve Tables Images



12 Government Under Republic Executive Branch: 2 consuls (officials) –Commanded army & directed government 1 year terms for Patricians –Could not be elected again for 10 years Consul members could overrule, or VETO, each other

13 Government Under Republic Legislative Branch: Senate 300 members Chosen from upper class of Roman society (only Patricians originally) Served for LIFE

14 Family Life Very important Close-knit and large Father=absolute authority Could sell family into slavery Could kill w/out penalty Roman women had higher positions than Greek women

15 Religion Early Romans worshipped nature/spirits Borrowed Greek gods (Zeus and Jupiter) Believed in foretelling the future

16 Army Well trained Deserter = death EVERY MALE citizen served Legions (multitude) of 5000 men in units of 60-120 men


18 Punic Wars Began in 264 BC (lasted until 146 BC) Between Rome and Carthage Officially were 3 Punic Wars Second Punic War: Mastermind was Carthaginian general Hannibal Goal: avenge Carthage’s early defeat

19 Hannibal Assembled a HUGE army Capture ROME! Initially, Hannibal was successful Rome had many allies that offered support Third Punic War: Rome TRIUMPHS –Set Carthage afire and sold 50,000 inhabitants into slavery

20 Outcomes Rome dominates Western Europe Set out to conquer Eastern Europe Will stretch the Roman Empire from Anatolia (present day Turkey) to Spain

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