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Digital Design & Graphics Logo Project. What is a logo?

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1 Digital Design & Graphics Logo Project

2 What is a logo?

3 Trademarks & Registered Trademarks Registered Trademark: It has been officially registered with the US Patent and Trademark office (USPTO). Trademark: May be in the process of becoming registered with USPTO or it may never be officially registered at all.

4 Trademarks & Registered Trademarks There are no current laws requiring a company or inventor to obtain a registered trademark for their product, but replacing “TM” with “ ® ” does offer more legal protection. “TM” and “ ® ” are also very similar to a copyright patent.

5 Registered Trademark Examples

6 Trademark Examples

7 What makes a good logo? 1. You can describe it easily 2. Logo’s are typically one word (the shorter the better!) 3. It is just as effective in black and white 4. It is scaleable, it works in any size (i.e.: 1 inch in size to 5 feet tall on a building) 5. Relevant to the industry it represents

8 Examples of good logo’s

9 Examples of good logo’s: Hidden messages

10 Examples of good logo’s: Creative Punctuations

11 Examples of good logo’s: Negative Space

12 What makes a good brand?

13 Why is personal branding important? Reputation Unique value you contribute More visible and recognized People will want to work with you Gives you a sense of being, confidence and purpose

14 Steps to personal branding Discover Create Communicate Maintain your-personal-brand.html your-personal-brand.html

15 Why should you care? If you don’t brand yourself first, someone else will brand you.


17 Logo project:

18 Thinking with your pencil: Today we will BRAINSTORM and SKETCH only, no computers for the rest of today’s block (20 min will be given for brief research). All sketching and brainstorming will be done with pencil and paper. You must be done with your sketch and show Mrs. Eby in order to start creating your logo in Photoshop. By the start of next class please tell Mrs. Eby what your company name is.

19 Rubric: This is worth 125 points Pencil Sketch: 25 points 2 logo’s: 1 color logo: 50 points  Creativity & Effort  Design effectiveness 1 black and white logo: 50 points  Creativity & Effort  Design effectiveness  Must be a completely different design than the color logo!

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