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Reinforce company’s image to exhibit the company’s brand promise

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1 Reinforce company’s image to exhibit the company’s brand promise
OBJECTIVE 2.07 Reinforce company’s image to exhibit the company’s brand promise

2 STEPS TO BUILD A BRAND Define and write out your core values.
Core/Brand Values: Beliefs or qualities that a brand stands for and is built around. Craft your brand promise. Describe your brand personality. Select a name. Protect your identity. Integrate your brand values. Evaluate the effectiveness of your brand.

3 What is a brand? Brand: all of the impressions and experiences consumers associate with a company, a product, or a service. Brands relate to customers on an emotional and rational level. A brand is a name, term, symbol, design, trade character, or combination thereof that identifies a seller’s products and differentiates them from competitors’ products.

4 BRAND TERMS Brand Identity: Those elements that are instantly recognized as representing a particular business or product. Brand Name: That part of brand identity that can be spoken, including words, phrases, letters, numbers, or any combination of these. Brand Personality: How your brand would behave or a detailed personal profile of your business in order to create and maintain an emotional connection with your customers. Brand Symbol: A business’s distinctive logo, design, or group of letters that cannot be spoken but are used to establish brand identity; often used in conjunction with a brand name.

Easy to read, pronounce, and remember Create appealing images Distinctive Adaptable Appropriate packaging and advertising Known benefits from products Legally available

6 LEGAL BRAND TERMS Trademark: Legal method for protecting brands from misuse externally; represented by the ® registration mark, TM trademark, or SM service mark. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: Office of the federal government responsible for issuing, administering, and enforcing U.S. patents and trademarks.

7 What is Brand Promise? Brand Promise: is what your business will consistently deliver to the customer. This established your customers’ expectations for the quality and consistency of their experiences with your business. Businesses want to control perceptions, thoughts, and feelings customers have about them. It provides guidance to employees as they interact with customers daily. A brand must promise a relevant, compelling and differentiated benefit to the target customer.

8 What is the Importance of a Company’s Brand Promise?
A company’s brand promise establishes a base line of customer service to be expected. It reflects the core values of the company and should be demonstrated by every employee throughout the company. This has a direct impact on the customer’s experiences with the company; thus, developing a long term business relationship with customers. Brand Cues: Simple reminders of the brand’s identity and values throughout the workplace. Touch Points: The many ways a business interacts with customers, whether through person contact or by other means such as advertising.

9 What are factors impacting a company’s Brand Promise?
Brand Champion is the one that analyzes the business’s strengths; usually the CEO or manager. 100% commitment to core values starts at the top. From the CEO to the mailroom clerk or doorman, customers need to know they are the first priority. The champion keeps the brand alive throughout the company. Brand Promise can be identified by answering the following: What does your business do better than anyone else? What does your business have, done, or provided that your competitors don’t? What makes your business unique?

10 What is a Vision and Mission Statement?
Mission statement: is a brief summary of what you want your business to be doing. Vision statement: is what your business will become. Review your business plan for valuable brand clues. Understand your customer’s wants and needs. Understand the core values of the business. Consider your brand internationally and on the internet.

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12 What is Company Image? A company image is the perception that the general public holds about a particular business. Many companies invest a great deal of time and other resources in an effort to influence the opinion that consumers hold about the products offered by the business, as well as the business itself.

13 Continued Company Image…
Images could be based on so many different characteristics such as quality of products, solid and long positive reputation of the company, highly trained sales team, lowest prices in town, integrity of staff, long standing positive community relations, and customer service.

One of the most basic ways of shaping a corporate image is establishing and maintaining positive relationships with the general public. This effort usually begins by offering products that successfully meet the needs of customers, thus generating goodwill.

15 Why is Company Image so important?
Companies with strong corporate images, such as Sony and Nike have an advantage in the market place because their names add value to their products and reduces uncertainty in the eyes of distributors, retailers and consumers.

16 How can employees reinforce company image?
Employees should be trained and motivated to project a positive image of the company. From training employees on answering telephones, how daily decisions are made, to establishing dress code requirements shows that companies understand how important communicating a positive image is to the company’s success

17 Continued… Employees are walking, talking demonstrations of brand values everyday in everything they do. Employees connect brand values with customers through touch points(all opportunities that businesses have to connect with customers and reinforce brand value) to make brands come alive. Employees both reflect brand values and help shape them.

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