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America in the 1820s Election of 1824 Corrupt Bargain Missouri Compromise Presidency of Andrew Jackson.

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1 America in the 1820s Election of 1824 Corrupt Bargain Missouri Compromise Presidency of Andrew Jackson

2 Missouri Compromise 1818 – Settlemers have reached Missouri Most Migration from south and bring slaves with them Missouri Applies for Statehood in 1819 as a slave state “ The Slavery Balance” – 11 Free States / 11 States Slave in 1819 – Adding Missouri upsets the balance – North won’t go for it.

3 Missouri Compromise of 1820 Slave state Missouri allowed to Enter Union and Free State Maine allowed to enter Union Establishes the Mason-Dixon Line: – A Line separating future territory to be evenly distributed between Slave and free land and it is the southern border of Missouri

4 Election of John Quincy Adams 1824-1828 Planting the seeds of a “common revolution”. --Nationalism is being replaced by sectionalism. --Mainly brought about by slavery and states’ rights --Sectional candidates: John Quincy Adams, William Crawford, Henry Clay, and Andrew Jackson. --All were Democratic- Republicans. --The electorate voted along sectional lines.

5 A “corrupt bargain”? Jackson led in both electoral votes and popular votes. House of Representatives had to decide the winner between the top three because Jackson did not receive a majority of electoral votes. Top 3 go to house—Henry Clay is out. William Crawford suffers a stroke so he is out. It is down to Jackson and Quincy Adams. Clay is influential because he is speaker of the House. He works against Jackson and Adams wins. In return, Adams names Clay as Secretary of State.

6 Andrew Jackson Elected President in 1828 Teenager during American Revolution Moved to Tennessee War of 1812: – “Old Hickory” nickname – “Hero of New Orleans” Always wanted to be Presiden After losing to Adams, Jackson creates Democratic Party Combat corruption of Adams’ Democrati-Republican Party Adams create the Republican Party 1828 Election – Jackson runs as “Man of the People” and wins over Adams

7 Andrew Jackson Jacksonian Democracy: The Idea that political Power derives from popular support of the people 1. Universal Male Suffrage 2. Manifest Destiny 3. Spoils System 4. Strict Constructionism 5. Laissez-faire Economics Party at the White House! (See handout)

8 The Indian Removal Act 1828: Most land EAST of Mississippi settled by European descendants The “5 civilized Tribes” remained in the SE – Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, Creek – Had Adopted European Wars and Law and written their own constitution – They had assimilated with the new culture of America White settlers wanted their tribal lands and viewed them as inferior

9 The Indian Removal Act Jackson decided on removal From SE to Oklahoma and Kansas US Army supervised the Relocation Horrible Conditions

10 The Indian Removal Act Removal of the Cherokee Cherokee Nation vs. Georgia – Sued to remain on land – Treaty with USA – Decision: Cherokee were not citizens = no case Trail of Tears – 4,000 were relocated – ¼ died during the trip from exposure, hunger

11 States Rights Issues Jackson strongly for states rights 1828 Tariff Controversy : – Tariff on Incoming British Goods to protect Northern Manufacturing – This was hurtful to Southern Planters because Britain put tariff on US crops Brings back the issue States’ Rights and the Nullification Theory: – States had the right to Nullify any law that was harmful to the state 1832: Tariff controversy caused South Carolina to threaten Secession: – Voluntary withdraw from the United States – States agree to join union and they can choose to not follow laws or get out of the union – Jackson threatens to use United States National Guard to enforce the tarif – Henry Clay comes in an creates Compromise of 1832: – Tariff lowered gradually over time – Union would stay together

12 States Rights Issues Nullification Theory and Secession theory would be the basis for the Southern Argument leading up to the Civil War on 25 years later

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