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A Changing Nation 1-2 A Unit 4

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1 A Changing Nation 1-2 A Unit 4
Chapter 12: The Age of Jackson Section 1: Politics of the People Section 2: Jackson’s Policy Toward Native Americans A

2 We’re up to 1824 A And we need a new President.
Andrew Jackson runs against John Quincy Adams – and loses. Adams had a lot of things he wanted to do as president but Congress defeated most of his proposals (led by Andrew Jackson supporters). A

3 One thing that happened while John Quincy Adams was president:
On July 4th, 1826 both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died (Jefferson 1st) …50 years - to the day… This was seen as a “sign from God” that America was truly a special place. A

4 Actually for a long while the two didn’t get along
Remember – they had completely different views on how government should be run. And after George Washington left office those two formed the first American political parties – and they became bitter rivals. Later in their lives (1811) they became friends and wrote to each other often A

5 But in 1828 Andrew Jackson does get elected president.
People remembered him and liked him as a General during the War of (Remember TheBattle of New Orleans?) Jackson claimed to represent the “common man” Jackson ideas centered around all the people having political power (Jefferson’s ideas?) He does quite a few things and these changes are known as Jacksonian Democracy. A

6 Andrew Jackson hard a hard life
But he: Studied law after the Revolution. Had a successful legal practice. Bought and sold land. Ran for Congress. Became a General in the War of 1812 and became a national war hero. Called “Old Hickory” because was as tough as hickory wood. His dad died before Andrew was born. Grew up on a frontier farm. Taken prisoner in the Revolution (joined at 13). Had smallpox, but mother helped him get better and then she died. His wife died right after he became president. A

7 Jackson promised to reform government
And he did make changes, but not always good ones. One good one – while he was president, more people gained the right to vote (but still only white males) One “bad” one Jackson replaced many government officials with his own supporters. This is now known as “the spoils system” 3 4 A

8 Andrew Jackson may have done more to mistreat Native Americans than anyone else in American History
While he was a General during the War of 1812, he was asked to make some treaties with Native Americans These treaties were “forced” on the Native Americans. In these treaties, the U.S. government gained large areas of land. A

9 At this time in American history…
People were hoping Native Americans could become more “white” There were some who tried – they were even called the “Five Civilized Tribes” (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole) A The Oklahoma State Seal consists of a large five-pointed star containing the emblems of the Five Civilized Tribes in the points of each ray.

10 Especially the Cherokee – who agreed to move to an area where North Carolina is today
But right after that, gold was discovered on some of their land (in Northern Georgia). It was decided to take all Native Americans east of the Mississippi and move them to the west. A

11 Andrew Jackson felt the U. S
Andrew Jackson felt the U.S. government had the right to decide where Native Americans could live. 5 Congress even passed the “Indian Removal Act” requiring these natives to move west. Most did on their own – to “Indian Territory” but a group of Cherokee didn’t want to. So in 1838, federal troops went in and forced the Cherokee to move west. It was winter – many got sick and died. They had to leave everything behind. One fourth of the Cherokee died just on the trip. 6 A

12 This trip became know as “The Trail of Tears”

13 A

14 There were some other battles over Native American removals
One of these was with the Seminole in Florida. Some of them hid out in the Everglades, and their descendants are still in the Florida area today A

15 Around here… Shawnee, Ottawa, Potawatomi, Sauk, and Fox were all forced to move. But one Sauk chief came back to fight for his lands. (Chief Black Hawk – but he ended up losing) A

16 A

17                                                                                                A

18 A

19 7-9 on your own A

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