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“Romeo & Juliet” Literary Terms Drama a story written to be performed by actors.

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2 “Romeo & Juliet” Literary Terms

3 Drama a story written to be performed by actors

4 Soliloquy a long speech expressing the thoughts of a character alone on stage

5 Monologue a speech by one character in a play, story, or poem

6 Prologue an opening speech that introduces the play’s main characters, plot, and setting

7 Tragedy a work of literature, especially a play, that results in a catastrophe for the main character.

8 Tragic hero a character of noble birth with the potential for greatness, but due to a tragic flaw in his character makes an error in judgment that leads to his death

9 Aside a short speech delivered by an actor in a play traditionally directed at the audience.

10 Comic Relief a technique that is used to interrupt a serious part of a literary work by introducing a humorous character or situation.

11 Dialogue a conversation between characters

12 Blank Verse poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter

13 Dramatic Foil a character that provides a contrast to another character – opposites

14 Suspense a feeling of uncertainty about the outcome of events in a story – a way to keep the reader interested

15 Irony when a reader expects one outcome and the opposite occurs

16 Sonnet a fourteen line lyric poem traditionally written in iambic pentameter

17 Iambic Pentameter A series of five stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry

18 Couplet a pair of rhyming lines in poetry

19 That completes our notes on literary terms. Now we will discuss sonnets more in depth.

20 A fourteen line lyric poem, usually written in rhymed iambic pentameter Themes:  Love  Friendship  Mortality  Immortality of poetry Sonnets

21 A sonnet consists of three quatrains and one couplet

22 Sonnets A quatrain is a series of four rhymed lines

23 Sonnets  First quatrain: the subject is revealed and why it is loved is explained  Second quatrain: describe what is special about the subject – be descriptive and imaginative  Third Quatrain: A problem arises with loving the subject

24 Sonnets A couplet is a series of two rhymed lines Summarizes and leaves the reader with a new, concluding image

25 Sonnets Rhyme Scheme – a pattern of rhyme in a poem Sonnet Rhyme Scheme: ABAB/CDCD/EFEF/GG

26 Sonnets Iambic Pentameter: five beats of alternating unstressed and stressed syllables (“da-DUH”); ten syllables per line. Meter means rhythm.

27 Sonnets “Who’s wood / these are / I think / I know /his house” “Is in / the village / though he / will not / mind me / stopping”

28 Sonnets Now we will be listening to some examples of sonnets.

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