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What literary techniques will we find in Romeo and Juliet?

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1 What literary techniques will we find in Romeo and Juliet?

2 A tragedy is a drama that ends in catastrophe – most often death – for the main characters. However, Shakespearean tragedies often include comic moments that counter the overall atmosphere of seriousness and despair.

3 Tragic Hero The tragic hero is the protagonist, or central character Usually falls or dies because of a character flaw or cruel twist of fate Often has high status; shows strength of character Antagonist The antagonist works against the protagonist Can be a single character, group, or something nonhuman Foil A foil is a character who contrasts sharply from another character Used as a method to highlight character traits

4 Soliloquy A speech given by a character alone onstage Lets the audience know what the character is thinking or feeling Aside A remark, either to the audience or to another character, that others onstage don’t hear Reveals characters’ private thoughts Dramatic Irony A literary device in which the audience knows something the characters don’t yet know; builds suspense Comic Relief Humorous scene or speech intended to lighten the mood Serves to heighten the seriousness of the action by contrast

5 Shakespeare’s plays are primarily written in blank verse, the form of poetry that most resembles natural speech. It’s made up of unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter, a type of meter that has five unstressed syllables each followed by a stressed syllable. EX: But soft? What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!

6 While this pattern is the general rule, it is often broken. Variations in the rhythm prevent the play from sounding monotonous, and help to emphasize important ideas or dramatic moments.

7 An allusion is a reference within a work to something that the audience is expected to know. Oftentimes, in Romeo and Juliet, we will see references to Greek and Roman mythology, as well as the Bible. Shakespeare was also a master of clever puns, or jokes that result from multiple word meanings or rhyming sounds.

8 Perhaps one reason Romeo and Juliet embodies the consummate love story is that it holds themes about life and human nature still relevant today. Two teenagers fall in love at a party. They realize that their parents hate each other. Their relationship is forbidden, so they cling to one another more tightly. Murder and suffering ensue, and by the end, the entire town is in mourning.

9 Romeo and Juliet is extraordinarily fast-paced, as the entire story takes place in only six days. Use the calendar provided in your notes to keep track of the order of important plot elements. Day 1 Sunday Day 2 Monday Day 3 Tuesday Day 4 Wednesday Day 5 Thursday Day 6 Friday Events:

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