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South Africa By Danny Eliahu Jessica Gebhardt Arman Ghorbani.

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2 South Africa By Danny Eliahu Jessica Gebhardt Arman Ghorbani

3 Motivation for Imperialism Britain found diamond deposits in South Africa and wanted these for themselves In 1870, they seized many diamond reserves from the natives. This increased tensions with the native Boers (Dutch word for farmer) and led to an increased hatred toward the British.

4 Motivation Continued In the 1860’s and 1880’s the British found gold in Witwatersrand and started to mine the gold for themselves. This angered the Boers and led to the Anglo-Boer war which started in 1899. This war lasted until 1910.

5 How the British Gained Control The Anglo-Boer also known as the South African war started as a war for mining territory and land. The British won this war and gained control of many valuable natural resources in South Africa.

6 Continued The Boer Republics joined together into a self governing union which was controlled by the British.

7 Effects on Native Population Destroyed African ruling system, telling kings to rule a certain way or leave. Limited African’s healthcare and access to education. Changed border lines between nations for their own ruling purposes.

8 Effects continued Most Africans became slaves to the British. Some African ethnicities were forced into the same regions due to the random border lines. This led to uprisings in South Africa.

9 How Imperial Power was Removed The British and Boers also known as the Afrikaners ruled together under the South African Union. In 1948 an apartheid was instituted. Apartheid= the separate development of the races.

10 How Power was Removed Continued In 1961 South Africa was declared a republic giving ultimate independence to everyone. F. W De Klerk the president dismantled this legislation in 1994. The first democratic election was held. This election brought Nelson Mandela, and the National Congress to power.

11 The Current Status of South Africa Parliamentary Republic HIV/Aids is a big problem. 31% of pregnant women are infected and 20% of adults are. Crime rate is very high. It is ranked second in murders and first in assaults and rapes per capita.

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