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Social Studies Warm Up Complete a TACOS on the above political cartoon.

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1 Social Studies Warm Up Complete a TACOS on the above political cartoon

2 From Nationalism to Independence: South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria
 2011 Clairmont Press

3 South Africa - Beginnings
Founded in the mid-1600s by the Dutch as a trade post Dutch settlers were called the Boers The British took over the colony in the early 1800s, which forced the Dutch north into Zulu territory After warfare with the Zulus, the Dutch set up two new states: Transvaal and Orange Free State

4 South Africa - Beginnings
Early 1900s – the two Dutch states were merged with British South Africa to form the Union of South Africa British discovered large deposits of gold and diamonds Native Africans formed the African National Congress (ANC) to protest against their unfair treatment as second-class citizens


6 Apartheid Apartheid – a strict system of separation of the races in South Africa African National Congress worked to end this unfair system Other countries placed embargos, or refusals to trade, on South Africa

7 Apartheid

8 End of Apartheid By 1985, pressure from the embargos and the ANC forced the South African government to begin making changes. 1994 – South Africa held its first multiracial elections and Nelson Mandela was elected as the country’s first black president.

9 Kenya Kenya gained its independence from British rule in 1964 under the leadership of Jomo Kenyatta and the Kenyan African National Union (KNAU). Kenyatta’s government was not open or free. Kenyatta, and later Daniel arap Moi, ran unopposed in every national election until the 1990s.

10 Kenya In the 1990s, the international community told Moi that unless Kenya improved their civil rights record, economic assistance from them would be cut off. There has been some improvement in the political rights of Kenya’s people, but much more is needed.

11 Kenya Some argue that a traditional, western style democracy does not fit Kenya’s past or traditions. The country remains a multi-party nation, technically, but in reality the KNAU still controls most of the government.

12 Nigeria Nigeria gained independence from Britain in 1960.
After only a few months, a civil war began between the Christian south and the Muslim north. The war killed and injured thousands of people. In the following years, there have been several military coups and outbreaks of violence.

13 Nigeria In 1999, elections were held that seemed more free and open, but the government remains unstable. Nigeria has the potential to be wealthy from oil deposits, but as a result of government corruption, this resource has not been developed. Nigeria must rely on foreign aid and supplies for its people.

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