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Goal 10 Part 1 Dictators Threaten World Peace. Cause of Dictatorships After WWI = ____________________________ Dictators = ____________________ *Failures.

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1 Goal 10 Part 1 Dictators Threaten World Peace

2 Cause of Dictatorships After WWI = ____________________________ Dictators = ____________________ *Failures of WWI Peace Settlement _____________– caused an “unjust and insecure peace” Germans – Anger and resentment! Why? (a) ______________________________________ (b) ______________________________________

3 Weimer Republic / Soviet Union _______________: ______________ Germany (set up after WWI) 2 reasons why it dissolved:  Civilians ___________________ and turned to believing in dictators = answers to economic and social problems!  ________________too strong!

4 __________ Vladimir I. _______ dies in 1924 (_____________________) Joseph Stalin takes over the Soviet Union Main goal: Transform the Soviet Union into a “___________” power / _______ Domination Responsible for 8 -13 million deaths (Against change) Established a “___________” government - complete control over citizens - citizens = __________________!

5 Benito ______________ “Il Duce” Totalitarian regime in ___________ - Italian Citizens DEMANDED leadership (suffering from _____) - Established the ______ Party Fascism: stressed “nationalism” and placing interest on the _____ over the interest of the ___________ “Italy wants peace, work, and calm. I will give these things with love if possible, with force if necessary.” - Mussolini

6 “ “Democracy is beautiful in theory, in practice, it is a fallacy” - Mussolini

7 Hitler Adolf Hitler (GERMANY) - WWI vet (EXTREME Nationalist) - After WWI joined the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (_______) – quickly became Chancellor of the Nazi Party Der Fuhrer – “the leader”


9 __________/ “My Struggle” Hitler’s Goals (3 Goals) 3 goals: (1) _____________________ (2) _____________________ (3) _____________________ Nazism: ________________________ Hitler’s Main Goals: even though he was Austrian, (Uniting all German-speaking people into a great German Empire) *********************________________*************************** ____________ – “master race” – designed to rule to world ____________“inferiors” – Ex. Jews, Slavs, homosexuals, mentally disabled (meant to serve the Aryans)

10 Nazis come to power War debts and loans from America / investments = Germany struggled! Hitler’s Private army: BROWN SHIRTS (storm troopers) Nazis: strongest political party in Germany (1933) - Weimer Republic was destroyed by Nazis And Hitler established his “THIRD REICH” (1,000 year Reich / reign / government)


12 Militarists / Imperialists gain control (___________________) Gen. Hideki TOJO Japan – Attacked and invaded ______________ (1931) League of Nation reaction: ___________! German Reaction: Hitler and Nazis invade the ___________________ - German region that borders ________ - League of Nation reaction: ____________!

13 INVASIONS / IMPERIALISM NOW….Mussolini wants to imperialize or invade….______________ (AFRICA) So…. Japan (Hideki Tojo) = Manchuria Germany (Hitler)= Rhineland Italy (Mussolini) = Ethiopia League of Nations ????


15 Francisco Franco Rebelled against Spain ____________________ ______ and ___________ sent support: FASCISM Outcome of Spanish Civil War : Francisco Franco became _____________________________ American response: 3,000 troops ____________________________ - America against Franco ______________ Axis Mussolini and Hitler Spanish Civil War established an alliance between Italy (Mussolini) and Germany (Hitler)

16 United States Respond CAUTIOUSLY (Isolationism) Americans sponsor ________________ (AFTER WWI) Remember: Kellogg-Briand Pact *Italy promised to not use war as national policy – NO plan to deal with countries that broke their pledge! Congress passes the: ********* ________________________ ***** (3 sets) - passed by congress in order to keep the United States out of future wars Example: ________________________________to countries at war or even civil wars


18 _______________SPEECH _____ response to Neutrality Acts: “QUARANTINE SPEECH” - FDR spoke out AGAINST isolationism and asked peace-loving countries to “_____” or “quarantine ___________” in order to stop the spread of war - FDR’s stance AGAINST Isolationism / neutrality and Aggression (in Europe)

19 FDR’s “_______________________” Franklin Roosevelt's idea to __________ “military actions” in Latin America & ESTABLISH “healthy democratic relationships” with Latin America ____________________= U.S. will act as “police” & use military action in Latin America _________________= Allies / friendly actions Common goal: More _________________ relationship with Latin America

20 Leaders / Dictators of the world chart Directions: Describe the ambitions and ways each leader gained strength after WWI / Create a 5 part chart (1) Stalin (2) Mussolini (3) Hitler (4) Franco (5) Roosevelt

21 War in Europe Hitler’s Plan (Absorb land into Third Reich) (1) __________ (created out of the Treaty of Versailles) - Majority of Austria wanted to be unified w/ Germany (2) _________________ (______________) France and British Reaction: protect Czech Hitler’s invitation “ __________________ ” French Premier … and British Prime Minister ( Neville ____________ )

22 Chamberlain vs. Winston Churchill Winston _________: political rival to Chamberlain  Churchill called this scenario: ________________ giving up your principles in order to “_________” an aggressor. ********Example of Appeasement “Munich Agreement” RESULT: HITLER “______________” Sudetenland / Chech.


24 The German OFFENSIVE Germany / Hitler: land-hungry gaze into _______ (Third Stop) Leads to the signing of the “__________________________” signed between Stalin and Hitler (1) __________________ (2) __________________ Problem: Hitler gets greedy and attacks!!!


26 Nonaggression Pact BROKEN by HITLER Germany attacks Poland

27 Blitzkrieg in Poland _______________: lightning war / German strategy (attack early and surprise the enemy) “_________________– German air force Two days after the attack on Poland, France and Britain declared war on Germany (promised military aid) **** What event started WWII?????? - ____________________________(1939) WWII starts in 1939 AMERICA IS NOT DIRECTLY INVOLVED YET!!!!!

28 Fall of France Germany attacks France from the North and Italy attacks from the South _________________: fled France and set up a French government in exile (England) “France lost the battle, but not the war!”’

29 Battle of ______ Germany attacks by AIR (couldn’t compete with British Navy) German “LUFTWAFFE” begins bombing! (BRITISH) Royal Air Force (RAF) takes control RAF shoots down 145 German planes in one day (Sept 15, 1940) End Result: Hitler calls off the German invasion of the Britain - Churchill praises RAF

30 What event led Britain and France to declare war on Germany? A. Germany’s invasion of Austria B. Germany’s annexation of the Sudetenland C. Germany’s invasion of Czechoslovakia D. Germany’s invasion of Poland

31 Point out the “cause” and the “effect” of each topic (DUE TODAY) Thank you!  Rise of Dictators  Failures of the Treaty of Versailles  Construction of the Weimer Republic  Imperialist Invasions  League of Nation’s reaction to imperialism  Mein Kampf and goals  Spanish Civil War  Neutrality Acts  Quarantine Speech  Good Neighbor Policy  Munich Agreement / Appeasement  Nonaggression Pact  Blitzkrieg in Poland  Fall of France  Battle at Britain

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