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Dictators Threaten World Peace Ch 16-1

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1 Dictators Threaten World Peace Ch 16-1

2 Failures of WWI Peace Settlement
The Treaty of Versailles blamed Germany for starting WWI. Germany was stripped of their overseas colonies and territories. The Soviet Union resented parts of their land being taken away.

3 Joseph Stalin After Lenin Died in 1924, Joseph Stalin took control of the Soviet Union. As in many communist countries, the government took all privately owned lands and replaced them with large government owned farms. All economic activity was placed under state management. By 1937, the Soviet Union was the second largest industrial power, surpassed only by the U.S.

4 Totalitarian Stalin eliminated anyone who threatened his power.
It is estimated that Stalin is responsible for the deaths of 8 million to 13 million people. Totalitarian- a government that has complete control of its citizens. In Stalin’s totalitarian government, individuals has no rights, and the government does away with all opposition.

5 Fascism in Italy Benito Mussolini-established a totalitarian regime in Italy. Mussolini established the Fascist Party, which places the interest of the state above those of individuals. Just as Stalin had done, Mussolini crushed his opposition and made Italy a totalitarian state.

6 Nazis Take Over Germany
After WWI, Adolf Hitler joined a struggling group called the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (Nazi). Hitler wrote a book titled Mein Kampf (my Struggle), where he outlined the beliefs of Nazism. He believed in uniting all German speaking people.

7 Hitler also wanted to enforce racial purification.
In his views Germans (especially blue-eyed, blonde hair “Aryans”) formed a master race. All other races were fit to serve the Aryans. Many men that were out of work joined Hitler's private army , the storm troopers or brown shirts. Once Hitler became prime minister he established the Third Reich, or Third German Empire.

8 Japan…Germany…Italy Japanese militarists launched a surprise attack on Manchuria in 1933, which is located in China. The League of Nations, which was established after WWI to prevent nations attacking each other, condemned Japan for its attack. Japan just quit the League of Nations. Germany followed, and began to rebuild their military. Mussolini invaded and took over Ethiopia. The League of Nations did very little to stop all of this.

9 Spain Spanish Civil War began and Hitler and Mussolini backed General Francisco Franco’s rebellion. The civil war allowed Germany and Italy to become allies. After Franco’s victory in Spain, there was another totalitarian government in Europe. (Spain, Germany, Italy, Soviet Union)

10 Neutrality Acts In an effort to keep the U.S. out of future wars, Congress passed a series of Neutrality Acts. The first three acts outlawed the sale of weapons to countries at war, including civil wars.

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