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WORLD WAR II 11.7 – Students analyze America’s participation in World War II 1939 – 1945 11.7 Students analyze America’s participation in World War II.

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1 WORLD WAR II 11.7 – Students analyze America’s participation in World War II 1939 – 1945 11.7 Students analyze America’s participation in World War II

2 Major Events Before WWII
Most of Europe having economic problems. Treaty of Versailles blamed Germany for WWI; made to pay $33bil. Soon the Great Depression in the U.S. spread to the rest of the world. People in various European nations lost faith in Democratic Govt. – lead to the rise of Dictators. Military Expansion – Students will examine the origins of American involvement in the war, with an emphasis on the events that precipitated the attack on Pearl Harbor. 1918 WWI ended. Many families lost their jobs and homes the men of the family who would work died in the war Germany blamed and paid $33 billion dollars in reparations paid to the allies/then forced to give up crucial land rich with natural resources ¼ of Americans out of work. Similar in countries around the world Strong men making promises to desperate people/next we will examine who these dictators were Opportunity/Countries that had few resources invaded countries with a lot of resources Questions: What events lead to the second World War? How do you think payment of reparations affected Germany? Could you imagine what it would be like to have 25% of the people out of work? Who can tell me what a dictator is? What are resources? Major Events Before WWII Students will examine the origins of American involvement in the war, with an emphasis on the events that precipitated the attack on Pearl Harbor.

3 Dictators Adolf Hitler – National Socialist Party (Nazi)
A leader of the Nazi Party Appointed Chancellor in 1933 and quickly became Dictator/known as the “Fuhrer” or Leader Blamed Treaty of Versailles and Jews for Germany’s problems Believed Germans were the “Master Race” Economic problems helped with the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany outlawed other political parties including Democracy and arrested opponents Felt it was unfair that Germany had to pay reparations & territory/immediately began to rebuild Germany’s armed forces and in 1934 men of the German armed forces swore allegiance to him instead of the state. German people were better than other ethnic groups/began persecution of Jews Questions How do you think the people of Germany felt about Hitler’s view s in 1933? What do you think about Hitler’s “master race” theory? Dictators

4 Dictators Benito Mussolini - Fascist Leader of the Fascist Party
1922 Enough support to have the King name him as prime minister of the government Also known as “Il Duce” or The Leader Overthrown in 1943 and executed in 1945 Fascism is a political system with a strong leader who is the chief source of law and order and who encourages feelings of nationalism/what other type of leader does that sound like? Once the King named him head of Government, he assumed the role of Dictator and outlawed all other political parties Overthrown in 1943 caught in 1945 trying to sneak out of Italy and was executed Dictators

5 Dictators Joseph Stalin - Communists
In 1924 seized power in Soviet Union/Russia by eliminating his political enemies Stalin placed farms and businesses under government control Turned Soviet Union into a totalitarian state Originally signed peace treaties with Germany and Japan Stalin took control of the Soviet Union after communists leader Vladimir Lenin died in 1924 Stalin was a brutal man. Killed anyone he thought was a threat to his power. He took away many of the peoples basic rights/Forced to work: government farms or labor camps Signed non-aggression treaty – they would not attack each other Questions What is communism? Holding of all property in common, classless system Does anyone know what a totalitarian state is? Totalitarian state is when government has complete control of peoples lives 2. Could the previous dictators be considered leaders of totalitarian states? Dictators

6 Military Expansion Japan/Germany/Italy
During the 1930s the totalitarian governments of Europe were focusing on developing their military strength, and so was Japan. Japan/Germany/Italy

7 Reasons for Expansion Small group of islands Short on resources
Japan Small group of islands Short on resources World wide economic depression affected the peoples faith in Democratic government Looked towards the military for leadership START WITH QUESTION: Who can tell me something about Japan that might make them want to expand their territory? Reasons for Expansion

8 Reasons for Expansion Germany Marched into Austria and took it over
Demanded possession of northwestern Czechoslovakia because 3 mill. Germans lived there Britain and France chose a policy of appeasement Invaded Poland in 1939 What would make Germany want to expand? -Have students think about what they learned about Hitler. In 1938 the Austrian people welcomed Adolf Hitler Czechoslovakian government refused and asked Britain and France for help Britain and France allowed Hitler to take the territory as long as Hitler seized no more lands Seized the rest of Czechoslovakia then invaded Poland Questions What is appeasement? Giving in to demands in order to avoid conflict. What do you think Hitler did after he took the territory in Czechoslovakia? Reasons for Expansion

9 Reasons For Expansion Invaded Ethiopia in North Africa in 1935
Italy Invaded Ethiopia in North Africa in 1935 Mussolini dreamed of restoring the Roman Empire Roman Empire was one of the greatest in history; Mussolini wanted to restore as much as he could Wanted to expand existing colonies in North Africa Reasons For Expansion

10 World War ii The war begins…
1. After the invasion of Poland, Britain and France declare war on Germany The war begins…

11 War in Europe Allies unprepared/Dunkirk
Thought fighting was going to be like WWI Germany used new strategy called blitzgrieg Most of Europe quickly fell to the Axis Powers German advance was very fast approximately 100,00o troops rescued What is Blitzgrieg? Combination of land and air units in a lighting fast attack. A major player, France, unprepared and surrendered very fast Axis powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan. They controlled most of Europe by 1940 War in Europe

12 Battle of Britain Britain stands alone…

13 Battle of Britain By 1940 most of Europe under Axis control
Attacked civilian targets on purpose Battle of Britain was a 5 month long air war Britain Asks the U.S. to enter the war Hitler turn his attention to Britain. His plan was to weaken Britain through air raids and then invade Notice the fighter bases are closer to the shore than the bomber bases. Can anyone tell me why? By attacking the civilian population, Hitler thought it would demoralize them and make them pressure their government to give up Britain held off the German onslaught During the Battle of Britain, Winston Churchill asks American President Franklin D. Roosevelt to enter the war Battle of Britain

14 Although unsuccessful in Britain, Axis powers very successful in Europe
Hitler next turned his sights east to Russia Surprise attack on Russia in 1941 Russia enters the war against Germany The British air force was successful at fighting off many German bombing attacks Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, and Greece fell under Axis occupation Remember that Russia and Germany had signed non-aggression pact. This in fact was just to buy time for Hitler so he wouldn’t have to fight on two fronts. Sent 3 million men to invade Russia Soviet Union/Russia enter war on side of Allies/The Big 3 Europe Falls

15 U.S.A In 1940 most Americans did not want to get involved in European affairs Lend-Lease Act Two U.S. ships sunk by German U-boats Japan attacks Pearl Harbor 1941 and the U.S. enters war President Roosevelt did fear the actions of the dictators and their threat to Democratic ideals. Neutrality Act. What do you think the Neutrality Act is? U.S. still would not enter the war, but instead gave aid to the allies (tanks, planes, ships, etc.) What is a U-boat German submarines started preying on U.S. shipping to Britain Not until Japan made a devastating raid on the U.S. fleet in Hawaii in December 1941 did the U.S. enter the war. The United States

16 Diagram showing how the ships were actually anchored
Diagram showing how the ships were actually anchored. Attacked docks and airfields Actual picture of Battleship Row Famous USS Arizona Arizona memorial in Hawaii Pearl Harbor Bombed!

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