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Native American Struggles The Battle for the West.

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2 Native American Struggles The Battle for the West

3 Causes of White Settlement Gold Rushes Homestead Act –1863 Transcontinental RR –Union Pacific & Central Pacific –Promontory Point, Utah –1869 –“The Golden Spike”


5 By 1860’s Native Americans had been pushed beyond the Mississippi As white settlers moved west, NA’s were further isolated U.S. Gov’t adopts “Reservation Policy” The Indian Wars begin

6 Plains Indians Lived Nomadic Life Followed Buffalo Herds Whites killed Buffalo as they moved West

7 Buffalo Bill Cody

8 New “Indian” Policy Started in late 1860’s Native Americans moved to Reservations Poor land Government Trickery Many Native Americans resisted


10 Butchery on Both Sides Indians raided white settlements U.S. Army Troops slaughtered entire villages Indians won some battles but were outnumbered & outgunned

11 Battle of Little Big Horn 1876 General George Armstrong Custer Sitting Bull Sioux tribe defeats Custer




15 Apache Wars Apache tribe of the South West Desert 10 year uprising led by Geronimo US troops chased him all over desert Last Native American to surrender


17 The Genocide Continues Dawes Act of 1887 Native Americans stripped of culture Forced to accept white ways Reservations broken up


19 Wounded Knee “Ghost Dance” to regain Sioux greatness Police killed Sitting Bull while trying to arrest him Sioux fled in fear 150 Sioux & 25 soldiers killed near Wounded Knee Creek

20 The Struggle Continues

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