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A Grammar Review Practice

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1 A Grammar Review Practice
Simple Past A Grammar Review Practice Craig Wimsett

2 Simple Past - A Time line
The Simple past tense time line looks like this! ____________________________________ Beginning in the past Ending in past Craig Wimsett

3 Grammar When is it Used? Words Used To describe events in the past
To describe completed events at a certain point in time, date, time. Words Used Yesterday Last week Last month Last year An hour a go Craig Wimsett

4 Examples Questions I went to work at 7.00 o’clock yesterday.
I didn’t go to the movies last Saturday. I finished my homework an hour ago. Questions What did you eat for dinner? I ate pizza. Where did he live? He lived in Rome. When did she get married? She, got married in 1997. Did they go away for the summer holidays? No, they didn’t. Craig Wimsett

5 Regular Verbs Regular Verbs end in ‘ed’
Rules Just add ‘ed’ to the infinitive of the verb. e.g. talk/talked, end/ended, walk/walked. Just add ‘d’ if verb ends in ‘e’. e.g. arrive/arrived, like/liked. If the verb ends with a consonant and a ‘y’ then change the ‘y’ into ‘I’ ad add ‘ed’. e.g. carry/carried, cry/cried. Try these! Change them to the past! talk carry marry cry ask smoke need follow open end Close try Craig Wimsett

6 Irregular Verbs Irregular Verbs just have to be learnt! think eat put
go come have become got break take catch think eat put write bring feel leave teach hold feed meet Craig Wimsett

7 A Writing Exercise Write about your daily activities yesterday. Use the following words to help you! Get up , have a shower, get dressed, pray, eat breakfast, go to college, start college, break, eat lunch, finish college, go home, relax, do homework, exercise, eat dinner, watch television, read, go to bed. Also use ‘connecting word’ to join your sentences! Then, after that, next, and then Craig Wimsett

8 Do you know how to…. Practice writing and talking about the above.
Talk and write about actions that are completed in the past? Remember, the simple past can talk about actions along time ago. e.g. The First World War began in 1914. Or Actions that just finished a few minutes ago. e.g. I finished my lunch five minutes ago. Practice writing and talking about the above. Craig Wimsett

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