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Simple Past and Past Progressive

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1 Simple Past and Past Progressive
Past Time Frame Simple Past and Past Progressive

2 Let’s take a look… Disaster at Sea - FOG pgs. 31 – 21
Vocabulary pg. 32 Comprehension pg. 32

3 Let’s Review: Simple Past
form the simple past of regular verbs by adding –d or –ed simple past of irregular verbs is NOT formed by adding –d or –ed must be memorized

4 Let’s Review: Simple Past
actions states situations He wrote haiku. (He finished it.) She heard about the disaster. (non-action verb) Paul read a book last night. (He finished it.) that are finished

5 Past Progressive: Structure

6 Past Progressive: Structure for Questions

7 Past Progressive: Usage
focus is on duration of a past action NOT its completion often used with a specific time at 11p.m. last night this morning

8 Past Progressive: Examples
Pauls was reading a book last night. (we don’t know if he finished it) He was reading his book at 11:30 p.m. At 7 o’clock this morning I was having my breakfast.

9 Past Progressive: Usage…
for descriptions Jan looked beautiful.She was wearing a green dress. to express an continuous past activity When the phone rang, I was having a shower. to express an incomplete activity I was reading a book during the flight.

10 Past Progressive WITH Past Progressive
to talk about two actions in progress at the same time in the past. use the past progressive in both clauses use while for this type of sentence

11 Past Progressive WITH Past Progressive
Examples While I was reading, my husband was preparing dinner. (two actions in progress at the same time) My husband was preparing dinner while I was reading.

12 Past Progressive WITH Simple Past
to talk about an action that was interrupted by another action use the simple past for the interrupting action use when to introduce the simple past use while to introduce the past progressive

13 Past Progressive WITH Simple Past
Examples I was exercising when he called. (the phone call interrupted my exercising) He was running when he fell. (what interrupted what?) While I was preparing for class, my dog made a mess on the carpet. (what interrupted what?)

14 Simple Past WITH Simple Past
to show one action after another in the past. use time clauses like before after when

15 Simple Past WITH Simple Past
Examples: Before he went to work, he stopped at Starbucks. (first he stopped at Starbucks then he went to work) After he played soccer, he went home. (first he played then he went home) When he walked into the house, he greeted his wife. (first he walked into the house then he greeted his wife)

16 Simple Past or Past Progressive?
sometimes both tenses are possible depending on the meaning Simple Past focuses on past actions as complete facts Past Progressive focuses on the duration of past activities

17 Simple Past vs. Past Progressive
Action in progress over a period of time In progress at an exact moment in the past Two simultaneous actions Continuous action can be interrupted (action in past) Completed action at specified time in past Ordered events with “before” and “after” Cause-effect with “when” or “after” Used for narrative Interrupts a continuous action (in progressive)

18 Practice Complete the following sentences in the past:
Before I came to school… After I went home yesterday… While I was driving this morning… When I ate dinner… At 10:00 this morning,…

19 Let’s take a second look…
Disaster at Sea - FOG pgs. 31 – 21 Analyze each verb form while reading this text for a second time.

20 Let’s Practice Some More…
FOG pgs. 35 – 39 Exercises 1 - 6

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