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Earth’s Human and Cultural Geography

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1 Earth’s Human and Cultural Geography

2 World Population The worlds population was grown rapidly over the past 200 years, creating new challenges The Reasons: Better healthcare, living conditions, and food has led to a decrease in the death rate An increase in healthy births, mostly in Asia, Africa, and Latin America Challenges of Population Growth: Food, water, and housing shortages caused by things like war The need for more services like hospitals and schools

3 Let’s look at the graph!

4 Graph!

5 Where People Live Population Distribution:
The Earth’s population is not evenly distributed Most people live in urban areas instead of rural areas Where are the most population areas around the world? Population Density – a way to figure out how crowded a country is. It is based on an average. Malaysia vs. Norway: Nearly the same square miles But Norway was 40 people per square mile while Malaysia has 250 people per square mile

6 Compare the Maps

7 Compare the Maps

8 Compare the Maps

9 Compare the Maps

10 Population Movement Large numbers of people migrate from one place to another Internal Migration – when people in the same country move from one part of the country to the other Usually from rural areas to cities This results in urbanization, or the growth of cities Emigrate – leaving the country from where you were born and move to another country They are emigrants from their homeland and immigrants in the new country

11 Why do People Move? There are “push” factors and “pull” factors
What are some examples of each? Some people are forced to flee their countries to escape wars, persecution, or natural disasters They are called refugees In the 90s, 2 mill people fled Rwanda to escape mass killings

12 Impact of Migration These mass movements of people have huge impacts on both the place they leave and the new place they call home What are some of those impacts?

13 Global Cultures What is culture?
A way of life for a group of people who share the same beliefs and customs. How would you describe the culture of Utah?

14 Social Groups These are different groups in society in which people belong The family is the most important social group in every society Which social groups do you belong to? Pride in one’s social groups can lead to ethnocentrism

15 Languages

16 World Religions




20 More Culture Culture also includes daily life
This includes clothing shelter and, of course, food!

21 The Arts This includes music, painting, drawing, dance, sculpting, etc. Basically any way people express themselves





26 Government Democracy – Power is held by the people
Monarchy – Government is controlled by a king or a queen Dictatorship – an all-powerful leader rules by force Theocracy – Government is ruled by the church or religious figure

27 Economy How different cultures use their resources and trade with others Capitalism vs. socialism vs. communism

28 Cultural Change Inventions and technology can change one civilization into another Examples? What do you think is the most important invention in history? Cultural Diffusion – the process of spreading idea, languages, and customs form one culture to another Trade, the movement of people, conquest, and mass communication can cause cultural diffusion

29 Regional and Global Cultures
Culture Region – different countries or land areas share a similar culture. Every country does have its own unique culture as well Cultural barriers are beginning to break down due to globalization What is the main driving force behind globalization?





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