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Chuck Norris Fact: “Chuck Norris can pee into gale force winds.”

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1 Chuck Norris Fact: “Chuck Norris can pee into gale force winds.”

2 Like America, but without the Meso

3 * Aztecs * Mayans * Inca * Note: Mesoamerica is what is now Latin America

4 Yucatan Peninsula

5 * What is now the southern tip of Mexico * Independent cities built on agriculture and trade * Polytheistic * Used a writing system known as Glyphs

6  The Mayans had very skilled mathematicians and astronomers  They calculated the solar year at 365.2420 days per year…only.0002 of a day too short

7 * The calendar ends on December 21, 2012 * Some believe that will bring the end of the world * Bummer…

8 * Theories of the decline include war, disrupted trade, agricultural problems and disease, but no one knows for sure what happened


10  Aztecs establish Tenochtitlan…which is now Mexico City  The Triple Alliance gives the Aztecs supreme power in Central Mexico  Aztecs conquer neighboring tribes and demand tribute  Trade also brings wealth to the Aztec Empire I got dibs on the left ventricle

11 * Polytheistic * The Sun God was the most important…and he liked blood * Quetzalcoatl…the feathered serpent god was important too


13 * Inca establish their kingdom in the Valley of Cuzco * Modern day Peru * Pachacuti was the great Inca ruler who turned the Inca into an empire

14  Organized government to cover the vast territory  Vast road systems for travel and trade  Conquered areas get a makeover  All citizens had to give mita

15 * Llamas were very important in Inca culture * provided travel, food, clothing and sacrifice

16 The Inca never developed a writing system

17  Polytheistic  Worshipped fewer gods than the Mayans and Aztecs  Both men and women could devote their lives to religious service

18 You gotta keep your pimp hand strong


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