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The simple past The simple past.

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1 The simple past The simple past

2 Worked Lived Enjoyed Taught Loved Wrote Became Cried Did Studied
In the english language we can find to types of verbs Regular Irregular Look at the list of past tense verb… Which verbs are regular and which verbs are irregular? Worked Lived Enjoyed Taught Loved Wrote Became Cried Did Studied regular regular regular irregular regular irregular irregular regular irregular regular

3 What is a REGULAR verb? End with –ed Simple form past form Watch watched Wash washed Love loved

4 There some exeptions Regular verbs ending with Y…. Change the Y into a i and add the ED Cry cried Tom’s brother cried all night long Regular verbs ending with E… just add D Love loved She loved this movie when she was with her boyfriend Exeptions: Enjoy enjoyed I enjoyed your company last week

5 What is an irregular verb?
Those verbs that don’t end with ED In some cases can change just one letter Like in: Simple form simple past Become became Drive drove Give gave Forget forgot

6 Other irregular verbs change its form completely as in:
Simple form simple past Buy bought Teach taught Sell sold Take took Jessica ________ (buy) a nice house in the Beach He ________(take) his car and ______(drive) to his girlfriend’s house bought took drove

7 There are some verbs that don’t change at all:
Simple form simple past Cut cut Set set Put put Hit hit She hit his brother in the face Yesterday I cut my hair. How I miss it

8 Let’s see some exercises
Tina_____ (buy) a new car She ____ (lose) her keys He ____ (win) the football cup of his school Jonny____ (be) an amazing person We_____ (love) eat pop corn at the cinema We ____ (go) to the park last Sunday They_____ (watch) a TV show

9 Negative from To form negative sentences with the regular
and irregular verbs you have to use DID NOT or DIDN’T and the verb stay in the infinitive form Example: I played voleyball yesterday I didn’t play voleyball yesterday.

10 Exercice: Change these positive sentences into negatives I loved her ___________________________________________________ You took my car ______________________________________________ We went to the post office _______________________________________ She had a pen __________________________________________________ I watched TV last night __________________________________________ I closed my bank account_______________________________________ I had a shower _________________________________________________ He red harry Potter three times last year___________________________

11 How can we make questions with short answers in simple past?
In order to create questions follow this formula… DID+ pronoun or subject+ verb (infinitive)+complement? Did you sell your car ? Answer Yes, I did / No, I didn’t Did + she + lose + her keys? (√) Did + we + drive+ to your house last night? (X)

12 Wh- questions In order to use Wh-questions you can folllow this formula… Wh Q + did + pronoun + verb inf.+ complement Where + did you sleep last night? Answer: pRonoun + verb (past) + complement I slept in my uncle’s house

13 exercises Order the following sentences.
She/ leave/ where/the car/ did? she leaft the car inside my garden why/ move/ he/did/ here? because she fought with her mom What did you do last night? a party/ I/ went /to Did you watch TV last night? did/ I/ yes. What did she buy? bought/ she/ some new clothes you/ sleep/ well/ did? Yes, I did thank you

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