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The Simple Past Tense.

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1 The Simple Past Tense

2 The Simple Past Tense is used
1.To talk about actions that happened at a specific time in the past. You state when it happened using a time adverb (yesterday, last Mont.): “Last year I took my exams”. 2. It can be used to describe events that happened over a period of time in the past but not now: "I lived in Asia for two years." 3. It is also used to talk about habitual or repeated actions that took place in the past: "When I was a child we always went to the seaside on holiday."

3 The Simple Past Tense Time expressions:
Yesterday, last month, last year, last time, … ago, in ... My friends travelled to Makkah two weeks ago

4 Simple past timeline For example: "Last year I took my exams." "I got married in 1992."

5 We returned to our school.

6 Use She washed her car

7 Use I studied English when I was a child.

8 Examples They lived in Great Britain .

9 Examples He watched a film on TV.

Affirmative: The past tense of regular verbs is formed by adding –ed to the base form of the verb. I worked hard last weekend

11 Spelling Notes: 1 Cry cried
If the verb ends with y preceded by a consonant, change it into ied If not, ……………………… Play Played Live Lived Verbs ending in e receive d only

12 Spelling Notes: 2 Plan planned
If the verb consists of one syllable and ends with cvc, double the last letter Per-mit Permitted If the verb consists of two syllables, ends with cvc and the second syllable is stressed, double the last letter If not, just add ed Ha-ppen Ha-ppened

13 Pronunciation Notes: T & D + ed = / Id / Wanted Needed
Voiceless sounds like (s, k, p, f, sh, ch & x) + ed = / t / Missed, Looked, Stopped, Washed, Watched, Relaxed, Handcuffed Voiced sounds like (b, g, l, m, n, r, v & z) + ed = / d / Robbed, Snarled, Referred, Lived, Listened, Bugged, Gazed, Hummed

14 We ate cherries last week.
Examples We ate cherries last week.

15 Examples I made a big cake.

16 We went to the museum last week.

17 We drank tea and ate biscuits after the match.

18 Yesterday I went for a swim.

19 Simple Past Tense: Irregular verbs
Affirmative: Irregular past verb forms must be learned because they don’t follow any rule: Go went Come came Buy bought Drink drank Eat ate Find found See saw I went to Paris last July

Use did not or didn’t + a base form verb to make the past simple tense negative. I didn’t work last summer I didn’t live in a flat during my last Summer holidays. I didn’t go to Berlin last July

21 NEGATIVE I did not go (didn’t) You did not go (didn’t)
He did not go (didn’t) She did not go (didn’t) It did not go (didn’t) We did not go (didn’t) They did not go (didn’t) Examples I didn’t go to the party You didn’t do the homework He didn’t play football She didn’t sing the song They didn’t have babies. NEGATIVE

22 We didn’t play football
Use We didn’t play football


Interrogative: Use did + subject + a base form verb to make the past simple interrogative. Did you play sport last Summer? Did you travel by boat last holidays? Yes, I did. Did you see any dolphins? No I didn’t.

25 Questions Ahmed explain the lesson ed ? Did

26 interrogative Did I go? Did you go? Did he go? Did she go? Did it go?
Did we go? Did you go? Did they go? Examples Did you play tennis? Did he see the handsome boy? Did she buy a black dog? Did they have twins? interrogative

27 Examples Did she play the piano?

28 Past simple tense: Affirmative Regular verbs Negative Questions Short answer I worked. I didn't work. Did I work? Yes, I did. No, I didn't. He worked. He didn't work. Did he work? Yes, he did. No, he didn't. She worked. She didn't work. Did she work? Yes, she did. No, she didn't. It worked. It didn't work. Did it work? Yes, it did. No, it didn't. You worked. You didn't work. Did you work? Yes you did. No, you didn't. We worked. We didn't work. Did we work? Yes we did. No, we didn't. They worked. They didn't work. Did they work? Yes they did. No,they didn't.

29 What did he do yesterday?

30 He bought a present.

31 What did he do last year?

32 He climbed a mountain.

33 What did he do last night?

34 He listened to the radio.

35 What did she do yesterday?

36 She wrote a letter.

37 What did he eat yesterday?

38 He ate Chinese food.

39 Where did he go last week?

40 He went to the library.

41 What happened yesterday?

42 He lost the key.

43 What did he do yesterday?

44 He cleaned the house and cooked.

45 Did he read a book last night?

46 No, he didn’t.

47 Did he read the newspaper last night?

48 Yes, he did.

49 What did he do last summer?

50 He rode an elephant and swam in the sea.

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