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Affirmative Negative Interrogative

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1 Affirmative Negative Interrogative
Simple Past Affirmative Negative Interrogative

2 Verb to be - Affirmative
I was You were He was She was It was We were They were

3 Verb to be – Negative form
I was not You were not He was not She was not It was not We were not They were not I wasn’t You weren’t He wasn’t She wasn’t It wasn’t We weren’t They weren’t

4 Verb to be – Interrogative form
Was I? Were you? Was he? Was she? Was it? Were we? Were they?

5 Regular Verbs Verb + ED Want-ed wanted

6 paint painted

7 listen listened

8 want wanted

9 visit visited

10 look looked

11 check checked

12 walk walked

13 arrive arrived

14 Want Wanted

15 travel traveled

16 show showed

17 Irregular Verbs Memorize them!

18 Let’s go!

19 Go Went

20 make made

21 have had

22 Break Broke

23 Build Built

24 Buy Bought

25 Can Could

26 Catch Caught

27 Come Came

28 Cost Cost

29 Do Did

30 Drink Drank

31 Drive Drove

32 Eat Ate

33 Fall Fell

34 Feel Felt

35 Find Found

36 Fly Flew

37 Forget Forgot

38 Get Got

39 Give Gave

40 Know Knew

41 Leave Left

42 Lose Lost

43 Make Made

44 Meet Met

45 Pay Paid

46 Put Put

47 Read Read

48 Ring Rang

49 Run Ran

50 Say Said

51 See Saw

52 Send Sent

53 Sing Sang

54 Sit Sat

55 Sleep Slept

56 Speak Spoke

57 Spend Spent

58 Stand Stood

59 Swim Swam

60 Take Took

61 Tell Told

62 Think Thought

63 Throw Threw

64 Wake up Woke up

65 Wear Wore

66 Win Won

67 Write Wrote

68 The same form of the verb for all the persons.
Affirmative Form I went You went He went She went It went We went They went The same form of the verb for all the persons. Very simple!

69 Auxiliary verb in the Simple Past Did

70 Used only in the Negative and Interrogative forms
Did Used only in the Negative and Interrogative forms

71 Negative Form I didn’t go You didn’t go He didn’t go
She didn’t go It didn’t go We didn’t go They didn’t go When the sentence is negative I use the auxiliary verb (didn’t) and the main verb is written in the base form again.

72 I ate the pizza. I didn’t eat the pizza.

73 He wrote a poem. He didn’t write a poem.

74 He didn’t eat the sandwich.
He ate the sandwich. He didn’t eat the sandwich.

75 I didn’t send the e-mail.
I sent the . I didn’t send the .

76 I lost my key. I didn’t lose my key.

77 I drove to Miami. I didn’t drive to Miami.

78 I made a chocolate cake yesterday.
I didn’t make a chocolate cake yesterday.

79 Interrogative Form Did I go? Did you go? Did he go? Did she go?
Did it go? Did we go? Did they go?

80 Did you go to the cinema yesterday?
Yes, I did. No, I didn’t.

81 Did she see her friend at the party last weekend?
Yes, she did. No, she didn’t.

82 Did they travel to New York last vacation?
Yes, they did. No, they didn’t.

83 Did he paint the house last week?
Yes, he did. No, he didn’t.

84 The End Thanks for watching. Adriana Pires

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