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Sexually Transmitted Infections & HIV/AIDS

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1 Sexually Transmitted Infections & HIV/AIDS
Chapter 25 Sexually Transmitted Infections & HIV/AIDS

2 The Risk of STI’s Sexually transmitted disease (STD) or Sexually transmitted infections – are infectious diseases spread from person to person through __________ contact

3 STDs: The Hidden Epidemic
________________ – occurrences of disease in which many people in the same place at the same time are affected Many people are __________________ meaning they are without symptoms Even though STDs are diagnosed they are not always reported

4 High Risk Behaviors Being sexually active with more than 1 person
Engaging in unprotected sex Selecting high-risk partners Using alcohol and other drugs

5 Consequences of STDs Some STDs are _____________ – Some symptoms can be treated but the virus can still remain in the body Some STDs cause ____________ – hepatitis B virus can cause cancer of the liver. HPV can cause cancer of the cervix

6 Consequences of STDs Some STDs can cause complications that affect the ability to reproduce – females can develop _________ which can damage the reproductive organs Some STDs can be passed from an infected female to her child before, during or after birth

7 Preventing an STD through abstinence
___________________ – the deliberate decision to avoid harmful behaviors, including sexual activity before marriage and the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs

8 Common STIs Lesson 2

9 Human Papillomavirus ________________-__Or_________– is a virus that can cause genital warts or asymptomatic infection A _______ test and other medical examinations may detect changes associated with HPV Most cases appear to be temporary and are probably cleared by the immune system

10 Genital Warts These are pink or reddish warts with cauliflower like tops that appear on the genitals, the vagina, or the cervix one to three months after infection from HPV Diagnosis is determined by a _______ worker by examination of the warts

11 Genital Warts Examination & treatment is essential, because once you have acquired the virus you have it for _________

12 Chlamydia Chlamydia – is a bacterial infection that affects the reproductive organs of both males and females It is ______________ & often goes undetected It is diagnosed by laboratory examinations of secretions It can be treated with ____________

13 Genital Herpes Genital Herpes is an STD caused by the herpes simplex virus. There are 2 types Herpes Simplex ___ usually causes cold sores Herpes Simplex _____ usually causes genital sores ________ types can infect the mouth and the genitals

14 Genital Herpes Genital Herpes is another one of the viruses that once you have contracted it, you have it for life! The ____________ can spread even when no signs or symptoms are present Medication can help prevent outbreaks and help control herpes but there is no cure

15 Gonorrhea Gonorrhea is a bacterial STD that usually affects mucous membranes ____% of all females show no symptoms of gonorrhea It can be treated with __________ It is diagnosed by examining the discharge from males and females

16 Trichomoniasis Trichomoniasis is an STD caused by a microscopic ________________ that results in infections of the vagina, urethra, and bladder The disease could lead to ________ in women and inflammation of the vagina characterized by a discharge

17 Syphilis Syphilis is an STD that attacks many parts of the body and is caused by a small bacterium called a ___________ The disease spreads throughout the blood stream and if left untreated will lead to damage of the liver and other organs

18 No Symptoms The following STDs can be present without any symptoms (asymptomatic) Chlamydia, ______________, Genital Herpes, Trichomoniasis, & some _______ Viruses

19 HIV / AIDS Lesson 3

20 AIDS / HIV __________ – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
__________ – Human Immunodeficiency Virus

21 How HIV Attacks Cells 1. HIV attaches to cell surface
2. Virus core enters cell and goes to nucleus 3. Virus makes a copy of its genetic material 4. New virus assembles at cell surface 5. New virus breaks away from host cell

22 HIV & the human body As the virus enters your body and takes over cells, it reproduces and looks to decrease the number of T cells. Therefore making the immune system more susceptible to disease ________________ Infections are infections that occur in individuals who do not have healthy immune systems

23 How HIV is transmitted HIV can only be transmitted 1 of ___ ways
Through Blood ___________ Vaginal Secretion ______________

24 How is HIV transmitted HIV enters cells of the ___________ system, where it makes more viruses that break away and attack other cells

25 HIV Rumors You ______ get HIV from the following ________________
Toilet Seats Hugging ____________ Bites

26 Treatment for HIV & AIDS
Lesson 4

27 Stages of HIV infection
Stage 1 – ________________ stage a period of time during which a person infected with HIV has no symptoms During this stage a person may show no signs for 6 months to 10 years However, the virus continues to grow & the infected person can still transmit the virus

28 Stages of HIV infection
Stage 2 – ________________ Stage the stage in which a person infected with HIV has symptoms as a result of a severe drop in immune cells Such symptoms may include swollen glands, weight loss, and yeast infections

29 Stages of HIV infection
Final Stage – __________, during the ladder stage of HIV infection, more serious symptoms appear until the infection meets the official definition of AIDS

30 Detecting HIV There are basically _____ tests used in detecting HIV
_______________________ test is a test that screens for the presence of HIV antibodies in the blood

31 Detecting HIV The _________ test can give inaccurate results 2 reasons include 1. Developing antibodies takes time – perhaps the virus has not yet been completely developed in the body. Remember it could take many weeks (3-4 weeks) to get an accurate reading

32 Detecting HIV 2. Certain health conditions – such as hemophilia, hepatitis, and pregnancy can cause false readings

33 Detecting HIV If the EIA test is positive then they will perform it a second time just to be sure that the results are accurate. If this is the case then they move onto another test called the _______________ Test

34 Detecting HIV _____________________is the most common confirmation test for HIV in the United States If this test comes back positive that means that all 3 tests have came back positive and then the person is determined to have HIV or HIV-Positive

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