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NWHS Counseling Department.  Steps in Post-Secondary Planning  College Planning on Family Connection.

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1 NWHS Counseling Department

2  Steps in Post-Secondary Planning  College Planning on Family Connection

3 When I graduate from high school, I want to: Attend college Go into the military Start working

4  How have I prepared myself?  Standardized Test Scores  Transcript  Extracurricular Activities/Service

5 SATACTACCUPLACER PurposeMeasures critical reading, writing, and mathematical reasoning skills Measures academic achievement in English, math, reading, and science Measures readiness for college level coursework in math, reading, and writing College UseUsed by universities and colleges as part of application process Used by universities and colleges as part of the application process Used by many community colleges and some four-year schools for course placement Distinguishing Feature(s)  Essay is required  Math sections include student response/grid-in questions  ¼ point deduction for incorrect answers Measures science reasoningOnline, computer adaptive ScoringHighest Score - 2400 MCPS Target Score - 1650 Highest Score 36 MCPS Target Score 24 Maryland Community Colleges Target Scores for college level courses:  Sentence Skills 90 and Reading Comprehension 79  Elementary Algebra 75 and College Level Math 0-52 Score ReportingStudent chooses scores from a specific test date to be sent to schools. If test date is not specified, all scores will be sent. Student chooses scores from a specific test date to be sent to schools. Administered and shared with student by the post-secondary institution requiring the assessment. Sections10 Sections:  Critical Reading – 3  Writing – 3  Math – 3  Experimental - 1 4 Required Sections:  English  Math  Reading  Science reasoning  Optional writing (essay) section Adaptive – questions depend upon previous answer.  Arithmetic  Elementary Algebra  College Level Math  Reading Comprehension  Sentence Skills  Writing (optional)


7 SAT Prep Courses:  Montgomery College $  Private Companies $$  Self Prep Fall Testing  ACT: September, 2014  SAT: October, 2014

8 Unweighted GPA Weighted GPA

9  Think about summer jobs or volunteer activities/internships  Investigate summer programs that are unique opportunities to set you apart from other applicants  Continue school clubs, sports or leadership roles

10 When considering me for admission, colleges will evaluate my:  Transcript  GPA, Courses & Grades  Testing  SAT I, SAT Subjects, ACT and Accuplacer Scores  Essay(s)  Resume  Extracurricular Activities/Service  Letters of Recommendation

11 What should I consider…  Majors/Minors  Campus quality/reputation  Campus Size  Admission Requirements  Location  Campus and community setting  Cost

12  Look at about 10 schools seriously. Discuss with your parents, teachers, counselors, and friends.  Look at websites, communicate with college reps, and consider campus visits.  Apply to around 5-6 schools during the early fall of your senior year.  Visit the schools you are applying to and speak with current students if possible.


14  Receive periodic emails & notifications regarding scholarships, special opportunities, & more.  Complete a career interest profile, explore various careers, salaries, education and training needed.  Generate lists of colleges that may be a good match based on your GPA & test scores.  See when College Reps will visit NW and sign up to attend in the College/Career Center.  Track your transcript requests.


16 Click on ‘my planner’

17 Click on ‘Tasks Assigned to Me’

18 Click on ‘Complete Game Plan Survey'

19 Click on ‘complete the Game Plan survey’

20 Be sure research NCAA eligibility requirements Think about who you can ask to write college recommendation letters When you are done, click ‘Save changes and I am finished’

21 Click here to complete a college search. You can decide the criteria that are important to you.

22 Through Naviance, you can conduct and save many advanced college searches. Note that there are many categories of criteria:  type, location, students, etc. Select view matches. How many schools did you find that met the criteria? __________

23  Complete Worksheet  Save your search  Add to My Colleges ▪ From your search ▪ Add colleges you are interested in from College Lookup  Fill in College information  Look at how you compare to other NW Students

24 Click on Scattergram to see if your GPA & SAT scores would be a good match for a particular college College Scattergram

25  Northwest High School College Fair Field Trip  Wednesday, April 9  Buses depart at 9:30 am  Cost: $3.00  Signed Permission forms should be returned to the College/Career Information Center Friday, April 4  no later than Friday, April 4  MCPS prohibits students from driving to this event during the school day. Montgomery County College Fair: Montgomery County Agricultural Center ( Gaithersburg, MD)

26  Individual student/parent meetings in the summer with counselors  Summer workshops and college planning in the College/Career Information Center  Meetings with your counselor (All Year)  Senior Packet (Fall- College Application Process Review)  Senior Parent Meeting (Fall & Spring)  National Hispanic College Fair (Fall)  Financial Aid Workshop (December)  Alumni Day (December)  Don’t forget to earn your SSL Hours  Begin to think about who will write your college recommendations

27 College Connect 101: Family Connection for Parents & Students College Connect 102: Building A Scholarship Kit College Connect 200: The College Essay College Connect 202: The College Application College Connect 300: The Common App Connection Announcing… Summer College Connection Workshops Registration details in your College/Career Information Center! Free


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